Uncle Refuses To Eat A Meal Without Meat At His Vegan Niece’s Wedding

Yesica via Flickr

Many little girls dream of their wedding day. The beautiful dress, the delicious cake, their very own handsome prince: it can be like a real life fairytale to a young lady.

What little girls don’t realize is that a lot goes into planning the perfect wedding. What’s perfect for one person is far from perfect for someone else, and many brides are called bridezillas simply because they were under the impression that this day would be all about them.

One vegan bride who is currently planning her wedding turned to Reddit to ask for advice. She shared that since she is vegan she found a vegan caterer to provide food at the wedding reception. She even included a note in the wedding invitations explaining that the food would be vegan and asking guests to let her know if they had dietary restrictions. She wrote, “The note made it clear that anyone who needed a specific diet would be catered for.”

Three of her cousins contacted her to let her know that they are on low carb diets. No problem. The caterer was able to arrange low carb vegan meals for those guests. There was only one other guest who had a problem with the vegan menu.

The bride shared, “My aunt phoned us in a huff. My uncle does not want vegan food; he needs to eat meat, she said. I asked what his dietary requirements are, thinking that he has a specific medical condition and cannot eat a vegan meal. She said his reasons are ‘cultural’ and he must eat meat. I said that’s not really a good enough reason, we all come from the same culture and it’s not like it’s a sin to not eat meat with every single meal.”

Weeks later, the same aunt called again. The bride even gave her a list of ingredients that would be included in the vegan food, ingredients that she knows very well her uncle eats. It didn’t go over well. The aunt is complaining about this bride-to-be to her family.

This bride shared, “I understand that veganism is not possible or sustainable for many people in the long-term but come on – it’s ONE meal, that is FREE.”

Many Reddit users weighed in reassuring the bride that she was most definitely not in the wrong to insist that her wedding food be vegan. One comment reads, “Like you said, it is one meal and it’s FREE. And most importantly, it is YOUR wedding.”

Another person wrote, “If people don’t want to eat vegan, they simply don’t have to eat the free meal. And this is coming from a meat eating guy.”

Other comments point out that this conversation is going on between the niece and her aunt. The uncle isn’t even brave enough to complain about the vegan meal himself. “It also annoys me that the uncle is having his wife fight this stupid battle. Does he make her cut up his steak for him too? Big man that needs to eat meat every meal or he will die can bring it up himself?! Coward.”

Do you like vegan food? Would you be willing to eat vegan food at a wedding? Do you think the bride should cave and provide meat for her uncle? Do you think the uncle should just paste on a smile and be happy for his niece regardless of the food?