These Vapor Bath Bombs Are Here to Make Sick Kid Days a Little Easier

The only thing worse than being sick is having sick kids. While it’s no fun battling our own runny nose, fever, or congestion, we’re adults, and we know how to handle it. We know which over-the-counter medicine helps us sleep. We know how to blow our nose. We know that eventually we will feel better once again.

Kids don’t always know these things, especially little kids. It’s up to the parents to help alleviate any symptoms that make them uncomfortable and to search for ways to help them feel better faster.

What makes things worse is that kids get sick a lot, especially when they’re in daycare or school. Germs spread rapidly from child to child. It doesn’t seem to matter how often our kids wash their hands, germs are still bound to be spread.

While there isn’t a cure for the cold and flu, we’ve found that sometimes a little extra screen time is a welcome distraction (don’t judge), and we tend to load up our kiddos on extra fruit and juice.

We also love the FridaBaby products. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably bought a NoseFrida. This is going to sound kind of gross if you’re not a parent and haven’t used it, but you literally suck the boogers out of your baby’s nose with a straw-like tube; one end goes on the baby’s nostril, and one end goes in your mouth. No, the boogers don’t get anywhere near your mouth. It’s really not (that) gross, especially when it helps a congested baby breath freely again.

FridaBaby has released a new product that isn’t gross at all, and is designed to help slightly older children feel better when they’re sick. We’re talking ages 2 and up. Yes, “and up” would include parents too.

The new Breathe Frida Natural Baby Bath Bombs come in a pack of 3 bath bombs, and the package promises “sick day comfort.” Each bath bomb contains eucalyptus essential oil and lavender essential oil. The lavender is calming, while he eucalyptus will help toddlers breathe easier.

The bath bombs can also provide something fun for the kids to do during a sick day. Many kids certainly love bath time, and if your kids are anything like ours, they also love bath bombs. These bath bombs take about 6-8 minutes to dissolve and provide fizzy fun along with the benefits from the essential oils.

If you think this is something you’d like to try the next time your kiddos feel sick, you can order a set of 3 for just $7.99 at Amazon. Shipping is free for Prime members, and they can even be delivered as soon as same day with a qualifying purchase.

Several Amazon reviewers have been very impressed with the bath bombs. One customer wrote, “This helped my son’s head cold! I gave him a bath right before bedtime and he was finally able to get a good nights rest for the first time in a week.” What this commenter didn’t say, is that she was probably also able to finally get a good nights rest for the first time in a week. As parents we know that when the kids can’t sleep, we can’t either. 

Do your kids like bath bombs? Are you going to try out these new Breathe Frida Natural Baby Bath Bombs?