Uvalde Mom Who Ran Into the School To Save Kids Reveals Police Have Been Harassing Her For Speaking Out


The school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was horrific, to say the least. A gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers. Others were left injured but survived.

The community of Ulvade is grieving the loss of the innocent lives that were lost that day. Even those who managed to survive are learning to live with the fear and trauma they endured. They lost family members, friends, classmates and teachers.

The police department has received criticism for not entering the school sooner. Some students called 911 and couldn’t understand what was taking so long. One mom couldn’t understand why the police wasn’t entering the school and getting the students to safety.

As soon as Angeli Gomez heard about the school shooting, she left her job working in the farm fields and drove as fast as she could to her children’s school. She had two children inside the school, and she was determined to get them to safety. Police responded to her desire to rescue her children by handcuffing her. As soon as they let her go, she jumped a fence and ran inside the school, not concerned about her own safety but desperate to make sure her children escaped.

Gomez was able to locate both of her children and help some of their classmates escape as well. This sounds heroic, but she says police are threatening to arrest her for her actions. She told WFAA that she has seen police cars outside her home, the officers inside watching her. She wants the harassment to stop.

Watch the video below to hear Gomez explain what happened when she arrived at Robb Elementary School and to see a video of her running from the school with her son and her son’s friend.

Why do you think police are harassing Gomez? Why do you think police didn’t enter the school sooner?