13 People Share the Useless Things That They Carry Around All the Time

Image of Marie Kondo organizing a purseGood Housekeeping via YouTube

We all carry around the essentials—our car keys, credit cards, ID…oh, and you know, an animal figurine.

Okay, so we may leave the house with some basic fundamentals, but we may also leave the house with some completely useless things we carry around for absolutely no reason. If you have one, then you know what we mean—and so do these Redditors, who all confessed to their “useless” object on a recent Reddit thread.

Here are our favorite answers:

  1. A Small Marble Turtle Named Harold

    “In December of 2015 my family went to the Bahamas where I got Harold for $2 and I immediately put him in my pocket. A few days later I had forgotten he was there, but I was like nah can’t take him out now he’s already been there for 3 days. Flash forward to now and I still keep him in my pocket always, almost getting to 4 years. If he’s not in my pocket I have get really anxious and worried about him, even though he’s inanimate.”

  2. Rocks

    “My husband gets so mad at me when he does laundry and one starts clunking around in the dryer, ‘Why was there a rock in your pocket!?!?!’”

  3. A Stranger’s Photo

    “When I was in Arizona two years ago, I bought a metal spider sculpture off of an old man outside a dingy side of the road wild west travelers stop. As a receipt he gave me a wallet size printed picture of him sitting proudly atop a horse, with a big white cowboy hat and he signed the back and wrote the dollar amount. I still have his picture in my wallet today.”

  4. A Guitar Pick

    “I don’t play guitar.”

  5. Loyalty Cards

    “The ones that were forced on me when I was unable to refuse and I still keep in my wallet but deep down I know I’m never really going to use.”

  6. A Random Key

    “I have a key on my key chain that isn’t mine. When my sister was in hospice we went to clean out her house and found that key on the end table next to her couch, so we figured it was important. It didn’t fit any of the doors or anything we could find in her house. When we asked her what it went to, she was too far gone on pain meds to answer. She died in 2008 but I’ve still got that key, just in case I ever run into a lock that it fits.”

  7. A Key to an Old Office

    “I haven’t worked there in three years and will never be back. It’s a really big key that tends to get in the way. I might get rid of it one of these days but probably won’t.”

  8. An Old Parking Pass

    “My parking pass for the hospital the day that my daughter was born.”

  9. An Old, Foreign Coupon

    “I have a coupon (expired on 2014/6/30) for 3 yuan off of a Large Coco Milk Tea with boba from when I visited Suzhou five years ago. I live in the U.S.”

  10. Hair Bands

    “I’m a guy with short hair, so they are absolutely useless to me.”

  11. Black Light on a Keychain

    “No legitimate use for it whatsoever.”

  12. A Plastic Snail

    “I found him in my school parking lot. His name is Aaron, and Aaron lives in my bassoon case. He has played with me all over the country, I set him on my stand during concerts. He’s very well behaved, and never interrupts the concert.”

  13. An Expired Driver’s License

    “Never took it out of my wallet.”

What seemingly useless object do you carry around every day?