15 People Share the Useless Skills That They’re Actually Really Good At

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Some of us are good at really useful things—like packing for a trip efficiently or mastering their hand at the perfect banana bread. But some of us are good at seemingly more useless tasks.

In a recent Reddit thread, people sounded off about the top useless skill they dominate at. Here are the top responses!

  1. Pogo Stick

    “I used to use it as a mode of ‘transportation’ when I was a kid. Meaning I would hop all around my neighborhood at a whopping 0.2 miles an hour feeling like beast.”

  2. Running on Hands and Feet

    “I can run really fast on my hands and feet. It has never come in handy.”

  3. Memorizing Phone Numbers

    “It was far more impressive before smart phones. Not so useful nowadays.”

  4. Recognizing Voices

    “[I can recognize] the voices of actors and actresses when they are doing voice overs.”

  5. Remembering Pointless Facts

    “I can crush everybody at Trivial Pursuit for this very reason. People always give me weird look because I can answer absolute random questions because of a random TV show I watched like 10 years ago.”

  6. Parallel Parking

    “I remember when I took my driver’s test how easy it was, and I stopped being nervous. Ever since then friends or family members I ride with, even if I’m not driving and they find a parallel parking spot no matter how snug but manageable they make me do it. I’m decent at many things, but parallel parking is a skill I have maxed out for some reason.”

  7. Untangling Things

    “I don’t know why, but I can always untangle knots and tangled up necklaces. I only met my match once with a silver necklace.”

  8. A Super Particular Game

    “I’m still undefeated in the game where you have to say an animal that starts with the last letter from the animal the other player said. You keep doing that till someone gives up because he doesn’t know more animals and you’re not allowed to use an animal previously used.”

  9. Juggling All Kinds of Things

    “Including fire and machetes.”

  10. Whistling Loudly to Get a Dog’s Attention

    “If there are other dogs within two blocks, I get their attention too.”

  11. Barking

    “I can bark (like a dog) surprisingly well, I can do different sizes and pitches too it’s fun but very annoying to do at the dog park.”

  12. Tongue Twisters

    “Can’t talk for sh*t normally, but I can say all the crazy sh*t.”

  13. Folding Fitted Sheets

    “It seems to amaze people.”

  14. Ear Wiggling

    “I wiggle my ears at an Olympic level. Chicks dig it, or so I tell myself.”

  15. Microwaving Foods

    “I know the exact amount of time to microwave anything so that it is the perfectly warmed up.”

What’s a useless skill that you’re particularly good at?