5 Ways To Update Your French Manicure

The French manicure is a timeless style. When is doubt, the French mani is always a solid choice for this week’s nail style. If this mani is already your go-to style, though, you may feel like you’re in a bit of a rut. Week after week of the same style? Booooring. Shake up your look with these 5 creative takes on your reliable French manicure – without going too crazy. Watch the video below and learn how to master these simple styles with easy tutorials.

Instead of naked nails with your traditional white tip, go for fully painted nails in a neutral color (white or nude, something light that can be painted over visibly) and make your tip colorful and fun!

My personal favorite is the ombre affect. Ombre isn’t going anywhere, it’s still rampant in fashion and in hair styling – so why can’t you incorporate it on your nails? Dab your nail polish color of choice onto a makeup sponge and sponge the tip of your nail, starting dark at the very tip and sponging more lightly as you go further down.

Pro Tip: Keep a very thin, clean painting brush and a bowl of nail polish remover on hand. You’re bound to make mistakes, just be prepared to fix them before the polish dries!