Unvaccinated Couple Dies of COVID-19 Just Weeks Apart, Orphaning 5 Young Children

Daniel and Davy Macias were not vaccinated for Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t take the virus seriously. They were cautious. For example, they had groceries delivered and wiped down surfaces. They even took showers when they got home from work. 

Then, at the end of the summer, the parents decided to take their 4 children to an indoor water park as one last fun thing before school started for their children. Daniel’s mom, Terry Macias, is pretty sure this is where the parents caught Covid.

Davy was hospitalized for Covid when she was 34-weeks pregnant with the couple’s 5th child, a baby girl. The doctors decided to have her deliver the baby early via c-section. Her husband was hospitalized for Covid in the same hospital when his daughter was born. He got to see pictures of his baby, but he wanted to wait for his wife to wake up before choosing a name for their youngest daughter.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Macias tragic story and why their daughter still doesn’t have a name.


Since the video was filmed, the story got worse. Davy passed away on August 28. She was 37 years old. Daniel passed away on September 9. He was 38 years old. Their children are now orphans, and the 3-week-old baby girl is currently being called “Baby Girl” until she is finally named.

Davy was a labor and delivery nurse. She probably would have gotten vaccinated after giving birth but was hesitant to get vaccinated while pregnant.

Daniel was a middle school math teacher. His mother describes him as “the perfect one.”

The family is in shock at the sudden loss of two previously healthy and active members of their family.

Do you think Terry is right in her assumption that the couple caught Covid from an indoor water park? What do you think the grandmother should name her new granddaughter?