These 10 Unscripted ‘Friends’ Moments Were Kept In the Show Because They Were So Amazing

Warner Bros. TV via YouTube

Sometimes the best parts of a TV show are the ones that weren’t in the original script. You know the moments we’re talking about—the ones that come out organically in the moment while filming…the ones that just seem to work better than anything that could’ve been written ahead of time.

This happens quite often, most commonly in comedies—especially if the actors are into improv. In fact, these happy mistakes especially occurred a great deal on “Friends.” Though Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe all had their own scripts and dialogue to follow, there were a few hilarious moments that happened on their own, without being written into the script.

If you’re an avid “Friends” fan, you might be surprised by some of the organic moments—ones that were so great, that the writers decided to keep them in to make the show even better. And it worked. Some of these moments have become some of the most popular scenes and lines from the show.

For example, do you know the episode Rachel makes the trifle—except the pages of the cookbook were stuck together so she accidentally makes half of it a shepherd’s pie? After she explains how she has some parts fruit and whipped cream, and the other is meat and potatoes, Ross and Joey look through the cookbook to see what happened. One part of that scene was entirely unscripted and still made the final cut.

Another fun one: The moment when Chandler tells Joey after his interview that “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black,” noting the word “black” instead of “back.” He was commenting on his blue suit…but just totally butchered the words. Instead of yelling “cut!” the best part was that the cast just ran with it, all giving him a hard time about screwing up his line, but making it work in the show. The producers kept it, and it became a vital line in the show.

There’s also a hilarious moment when a fake Ross falls down the stairs when Rachel least expects it and screams her head off. Well, wouldn’t you do the same?

We don’t want to ruin all of them. Take a look at the entire compilation of accidental moments that were kept in Friends because they were so amazing in the video below!

Did you know these were all mistakes? Which one of these moments surprised you most?