13 People Share the Most Unrealistic Things They Think Happen in Movies

Image of couple watching horror movie in theaterDmitryPoch via Deposit Photos

Unless a movie is based on true events, we understand that the story is made up. Obviously that means that there might be some things that happen in the movie that wouldn’t really happen in the real world. Yet, sometimes the things that happen in movies are a little bit too unrealistic.

Reddit user sonsaitama asked, “What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?” Reddit users are sharing many great examples, and no, they’re not all from science fiction movies that are obviously quite unrealistic.

Scroll down to read some examples of unrealistic things that happen in movies. See if you agree that these things are unrealistic and annoying.

  1. Wealth

    Reddit user pressureshack wrote:

    Unrealistic wealth. Typical family with one working parent has a four bedroom house with in-ground pool; college graduates living in some swanky penthouse on a babysitter salary; twenty-four year old doctors.

  2. “Lack of Communication”

    Akito_900 points out:

    Overall lack of communication. I feel like 90% of all drama is coming from this in some way

  3. Video Games

    Engel-in-Zivil shared:

    Playing video games – randomly mashing all buttons at the same time and pressing R1/L1 and R2/L2 for no reason…

  4. Breakfast

    greenflapper added:

    When the mum prepares a feast for breakfast and everyone only takes a bite or two before rushing off. My mum would have killed me for wasting food. Also she wouldn’t prepare a feast for breakfast.

  5. High School

    businessclassass shared:

    High school scenes where there are lounges in the hallway and students are free to be wherever they want to be around the building(s) no matter the time of day without consequence.

  6. Bad Guys

    Mu-Relay wrote:

    Omniscient bad guys.I know you have to have the plot move forward, but dude is trying to hide in Europe and somehow the villain is always where the hero wants to go before they get there. I mean… Europe is pretty damn big, and I can’t imagine getting totally lost there would be all that difficult.

  7. CPR

    TheOtherPhilFry explained:

    People doing CPR. Then the person who just got CPR wakes up like 10 minutes later and eats lunch.Also movies are really bad at maintaining sterile fields in operating rooms.

  8. Explosives

    carpenter1965 added:

    Casually strolling away from a massive explosion.

  9. Shooting a Gun

    Accurate_Tomorrow_25 wrote:

    People shooting guns, especially pistols, from well over a reasonable range and hitting very small targets, with one hand, while running or something.People would be surprised how difficult it is to hit a target with a pistol from 15-20 yards standing still with two hands.

  10. Pretending to Drink Something

    pdxpmk explained:

    Opaque beverage cups and are always empty and never look right when hefted and “drank” from. They could at least put water in them to get the motion right, but never do, and once you start noticing this it just ruins so many shots for you because it looks so stupid.

  11. Love Interest

    frachris87 pointed out:

    Stalker-ish behaviour being portrayed as “romantic”.The man in a relationship being portrayed as a near-braindead doofus.

  12. “Getting Knocked Out Cold”

    Suze_02 added:

    People getting knocked out cold for an hour, then waking up and going about their day like nothing’s happened. I once got knocked out for like two minutes and ended up sick for a month..

  13. Walk It Off

    LaconicStraightMan shared:

    Someone gets hit so hard that they fly through a wall, then they get up and keep fighting. No, you’re going to spend the next year learning to walk again.