19 Brutal Times the Universe Decided to Troll One Person

CountZapolai via Reddit

Have you ever had a bad day? Like, a really bad day? We’re talking about multiple things going wrong, and it feels like the universe just has it in for you that day. Maybe your car won’t start on the day of an important meeting at work, and you’re having trouble getting cell phone reception to get an Uber. Then you finally get to work and step in a huge puddle covering half your outfit with water. Not cool, universe.

That’s just one example. There are many more and much worse bad days where it seriously feels like the universe is trolling you. Many people turn to Reddit to share examples of these extremely bad days. Scroll down to see 19 epic examples. Hopefully nothing like this has ever happened to you.

  1. Lightening Had It In for Him

  2. Foul Ball

  3. Coast Guard Demonstration

  4. Short People Problems

  5. A Keyboard Missing a Key

  6. That Had to Hurt

  7. Shower Needed Stat

  8. That’s a LOT of Snow

  9. Hopefully Nobody Was Home

  10.  Not THAT Kind of Cat

  11. 30 Years Later…

  12. What Do They Do To Make the Professor So Mad At Them?

  13. That Cloud Though

  14. “Not Available”

  15. Marathons

  16. Poor Fish

  17. Didn’t Train for This

  18. His Request Was Ignored

  19. Horrible Timing