13 People Share the Unique Daily Rituals That Make Them Feel Like a Little Bit of a Weirdo

Image of car key fobE.W. Scripps

Most of us probably have daily rituals, certain things we do every single day or every single time something happens. This could be a certain routine we follow before bed, before leaving the house, or even when making a cup of tea. Some of these things might be very common, like locking the door before we leave the house, but some of them are a lot less common.

Twitter user @mrnickharvey shared an unusual bedtime ritual that he has. He wrote, “Every evening, before going to bed, I hide the front door keys so that my eldest son, who sleepwalks most nights, doesn’t inadvertently let himself out.”

He recognized that this ritual was unusual, and it got him thinking that other people probably do some rather unusual things too. He asked, “What daily rituals do you suspect you’re alone in following?”

He was probably pretty surprised to realize that multiple other Twitter users actually have a similar ritual by hiding the keys from sleepwalkers, but there were many other unusual rituals that people commented about as well. 

Scroll down to read 13 of our favorite responses to this question about unusual rituals. You just might realize that some of the things that you think are unusual actually aren’t that unusual after all.