Nothing To See Here — Just a Unicorn Pushing a Snow Blower

KWTX News 10

Much of the country is experiencing some pretty heavy snowstorms at the moment—even Texas! That’s right, the otherwise warm state is getting its fair share of the white stuff.

In the eastern part of the country, most of us own things like snow shovels and snow blowers to help take care of clearing the driveway of snow. We’re used to doing the heavy lifting, whereas the people of Texas may not be so accustomed to what it takes to get rid of the snow. Snow can be fun—but shoveling? Not so much!

Well, unless you make it fun, that is. There are certainly lots of ways you can enhance your snow-ridding experiences—maybe you make it a game with your kids of who can clear their piles the fastest, or you bribe yourself with a mug of hot chocolate at the end.

However, one person topped us all in making snow blowing, well, fun. While many Texans aren’t sure how to handle the snow, this person decided there was just one way: To put on a unicorn costume and get out there to snow blow the heck out of his walkway.

We don’t know if this person just didn’t own a winter jacket. We don’t know if this person just wanted an excuse to put on an old Halloween costume. We don’t know if this person was just trying to make people smile. But the latter is just what he or she did—made us, and everyone who witnessed it smile!

The person walked along the roads with a handheld snowblower in the puffy white ensemble. The unicorn costume consisted of orange, yellow, and purple fur, an orange tail, and a bright yellow horn. The costume has a permanent smile on the unicorn’s face, so as it bobbles through the snow shoveling, you just can’t help but turn up those corners of your mouth.

KWTX News 10 posted the video of the unicorn on their Facebook page, and people couldn’t get enough. They loved it!

“This must be how Skittles are made,” someone joked.

“The Unicorn wasn’t wearing anything and still looked comfortable—that’s magical!!!” another said.

“People are funny,” another wrote. “Love it!”

You’ve got to see the moment for yourself! Check out the video below for probably the only time you’ll ever see a unicorn pushing a snowblower.


Did you get hit with snow recently? What’s your favorite way to tackle shoveling?