Marine Was Shocked With These Unexpected Final Jeopardy! Results

Jamie Edwards via YouTube

We love a good episode of Jeopardy! It’s been an especially fun ride with the recent 40-game winning streak from Amy Schneider, who ended her run with a whopping $1,382,800.

However, not all episodes of the popular game show end in massive winnings. Some end in much more modest prizes.

In all the excitement, we recently went down a rabbit hole of old Jeopardy! episodes, hosted by the late and great Alex Trebek. However, there’s one crazy moment we only recently came across, and we just can’t believe it. The Final Jeopardy moment was so completely unexpected—we had never witnessed anything like it before!

The clue for the round was “Asian Geography” and the answer was, “It’s the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.”

The contestants went to work writing down their answers. There were two contestants tied for first place with $12,300, and then the third contestant had a mere $1,000. He knew he had a mere shot of winning, so of course, he had wagered all of his money.

Now normally in a situation like this, the final contestant(s) would wager only an amount where, no matter if they got the final answer wrong and the other contestant with the much lower money balance got it right, they could still win.

For example, the most the third contestant could win would be $2,000, so the contestants with $12,300 wouldn’t want to wager anything more than $10,300 (in case they got the answer wrong).

However, since BOTH the contestants had the same amount, it only felt right to wager the entire $12,300, since they were risking the other getting it right and wagering more than the other.

The contestant with the ending $1,000 probably realized that, so he decided to wager $999, meaning that even if he got the answer wrong, he’d still have $1—which could potentially win the game if the other two wagered all their earnings and both got the answer wrong. However, what were the chances that the two with such high ending amounts would get the answer wrong?

Apparently, high! That’s EXACTLY what happened. The two who everyone thought the game was against both answered incorrectly. Sure, the other opponent also got the answer wrong, but, as mentioned, he ended up with $1—which was enough to win the entire game!

It was truly a moment we may never witness in Jeopardy! history again. See for yourself in the video below!

What do you think of this Jeopardy! moment?