7 Common Mistakes You’re Probably Making With Your Underwear

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t always use our everyday products to the best of our ability. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these Command Strip flubs. Or, how you’re probably misusing those antacids. Or, why your feelings were likely miscommunicated by that last emoji you used.

Yep, there are plenty of things that we either completely misuse or don’t use to their full potential. And, one of these is an odd one–it’s underwear!

Chances are, you make some pretty bad lingerie slip-ups on the daily. Here are 7 of the most common ones…

P.S. Don’t feel bad if you’ve made all of these underwear-related mistakes. Until we learned how to properly wear and care for our unmentionables, we also weren’t doing them any favors!

  1. You are still drying your undies in the dryer

    Underwear is mind-boggling expensive–heck, a few nice pairs can sometimes cost the same amount as a pair of jeans! So, why are you still forcing your favorite cotton thongs and boyshorts to endure the hellish inferno that is your dryer? When you do this, your lingerie protests by pilling, snagging, and even shrinking. Next time you launder them, be sure to wash them on the gentle cycle, preferably in a lingerie mesh bag. And, always, ALWAYS, hang them to dry.

  2. You are rocking seamed underwear with yoga pants

    Yoga pants sure are versatile items, but they are known for being particularly unforgiving when it comes to party lines. This means that underwear with heavy seams should definitely be left in the drawer on the days you rock those tights. Instead, opt for a tight-fitting seamless option. These can usually be found in the exercise section of your local clothing store!

  3. You are wearing white underwear with white bottoms

    Wearing white underwear on the same day you wear white bottoms might not seem like a bad idea, but if those bottoms are at all tight, the underwear will definitely be in full view! The way to fix this? Simply, invest in a seamless pair that matches your skin tone. Easy!

  4. You are wearing lace underwear in the summer heat

    Sure, lace underwear might be super cute, but you know what’s not super cute? Yeast infections and UTIs! Believe it or not, wearing mesh or lace underwear in hot, humid conditions raises the chance of you developing these painful conditions. Best to stick with 100% cotton skivvies during the summer.

  5. You aren’t washing your bras nearly enough

    Did you know that your bras should be washed every three wears? Oh, and that you should never wear one more than three times in a row, as it could prematurely stretch out the material? The things your mother forgot to teach you when you started wearing bras!

  6. You aren’t smart about those thongs

    Thongs do a great job of hiding panty lines, but they aren’t the most hygienic underwear in the world. As it turns out, the sexy undies have a bad reputation in the medical community of transferring E.coli from the rear into the vaginal area. Hope you aren’t eating lunch!

    If you can’t quit that thong, just make sure that you wear it responsibly. Never wear it for more than a day–and definitely don’t sleep in it either!

  7. You are using the wrong hooks on your bra

    You know how most bras come with three fasteners in the back? As it turns out, they are designed like that for a very good reason— to give you choices once the garment stretches! This means that you should start by wearing your bra on the loosest clasp, then as time goes on, change to the two tighter ones. When you feel that the strap is becoming too loose, it’s time for you to trade in your roomy bra for a new one.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these common underwear mistakes! Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? If so, which ones? Do you have others you would like to add to the list?