Chip & Joanna Gaines (With Their 5 Kids) Have an ‘Uncomfortable Conversation with a Black Man’

Emmanuel Acho via YouTube

Emmanuel Acho is a former NFL linebacker, and until recently he was a sports media personality for ESPN. Acho decided to switch gears and move over to FOX Sports, but that’s not all he’s doing.

Acho is a Black man, and he is using his voice and his fame to attack the issue of racism in America from a new angle. He recently started a YouTube series called “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.”

The title is simple, but it is profound in its simplicity. 

He posted the first video on June 3rd, 2020, just three weeks ago, and it has already been viewed well over 1.3 millions times. One of those viewers was Chip Gaines.

Gaines retweeted the video and told Acho that he gathered his whole family, including all 5 of his kids, to watch. He realized that what Acho was doing could potentially be life-changing. He realized that he had possibly been blind to racism his whole life.

Gaines and Acho didn’t just chat about the YouTube video. They made plans for the entire Gaines family to appear in an episode and have their own “uncomfortable conversation.”

Chip, Jonanna and their 5 children sat down with Acho to discuss racism and to ask questions. Joanna wanted to know Acho’s thoughts about parents who want to raise their children to be “color blind.” 

Then, Chip pointed out that even racist people don’t think they’re racist, so he asked how we can solve a problem that many people don’t believe exists.

The kids had a few questions they wanted answered as well, and they are questions only children would be brave enough to actually ask.

While the Gaines family asked questions that could be difficult to answer, Acho’s answers are clear and easy to understand. He uses examples and metaphors that really hit home. Watch the video below to see this “uncomfortable conversation” for yourself.

Many viewers are impressed that Chip and Jo brought their children with them to ask questions and listen to the answers. One viewer commented, “The best thing this women and man did is bring their family. Now that’s a positive step.”

Another comment reads, “I’m a Black man and I watch HGTV (shhh…Don’t tell nobody😄)and I have loved the Gaines since their show first aired. I love the fact that they came to have this conversation knowing that their millions fans would also be a part of it. Thanks guys.”

What questions would you ask Acho?