People Are Fascinated By This Ultrasound of a Baby Elephant Shared By Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Most people probably agree that baby animals are simply adorable. While all babies have their own sort of cuteness, there is just something about a baby animal that makes us say, “Aw!”

If you’re ready for your heart to melt at the sight of a baby elephant, you’re going to love a new video released by the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.

You might be wondering what could be so cute about a baby elephant. You’ve most likely seen a baby elephant before. While we agree that a baby elephant is cute but probably not the cutest baby animal ever, you’re about to see a baby elephant in a way you never have until now.

The Oklahoma City Zoo released a video on their Facebook page about a 25-year-old elephant named Asha. She has already had 3 babies and is now 8 months pregnant with her 4th baby.

While 8 months pregnant might sound like she’s ready to pop, that’s far from the case for an elephant. Eight months is actually really early on for an elephant. She still has 14 more months to go! In fact, it’s so early in the pregnancy that usually a pregnancy wouldn’t even be announced yet.

Just like humans, animals have ultrasounds too, at least the elephants at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden do. The zoo recorded a recent ultrasound of the baby elephant in Asha’s womb, and the video is even cuter than you can imagine. See for yourself.

The Oklahoma City Zoo released the adorable video on Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020, and in the comments, many people have expressed their thanks for this unique look at a super tiny elephant.

One comment reads, “Best Thanksgiving news ever, OKCZ. Already something to be excited about through 2021! Thanks for keeping our chins up!”

Another viewer wrote, “This may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Other viewers are specifically thankful that humans aren’t pregnant nearly as long as elephants. One person commented, “Seeing this makes me thankful I don’t have to be pregnant for 18 months!

In another comment, a viewer wrote, “Coming from someone 9 months pregnant I am thankful I’m not an elephant.

The cutest part of the video was probably seeing that teeny tiny trunk moving around. We’re not the only ones who think so. One comment reads, “Crying my eyes out over that trunk wave in the ultrasound.”

Bored Panada interviewed Rachel Emory, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Curator of Elephants and Rhinos, about this video of Asha and her baby. Emory praised Asha as an elephant and as a mom.

“Asha is unique in that she is very gentle, patient and eager to learn. She has raised three calves and is an excellent mother. Asha does an incredible job of allowing her calves to explore the Zoo’s elephant habitat and interact with other herd mates, while also always keeping them within her sight.”

“Along with her calves, Asha is very closely bonded to her sister, Chandra. Together, Asha, her calves, and Chandra make up a multigenerational herd with Bamboo, a geriatric female, and Kandula, an unrelated male. Watching Asha be a part of this herd is a truly incredible experience.”

Have you ever seen anything cuter than an ultrasound of a baby elephant? If so, we’d love to know what! This is hard to beat.