Ukrainian Girl Who Sang ‘Let It Go’ From a Bomb Shelter Performs National Anthem At Charity Concert

If you have children, you are probably familiar with a variety of children’s TV shows and movies. Which ones probably depends on the interests of your children, but there are certain characters and songs that are more popular than others.

One very popular Disney song is “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen.” You might even have the words stuck in your head right now, and for that we apologize. However, think about the words to the song. They are powerful and moving especially in certain situations.

A 7-year-old Ukrainian girl named Amelia Anisovych sang “Let It Go” from a bomb shelter in Ukraine. A video of her singing this song in the midst of war went viral and was seen as touching and moving. 

Since that video, Amelia has safely made it out of Ukraine and is staying in Poland with her grandmother; however, she is separated from her parents who chose to stay and help fight the Russians. Amelia hopes to be reunited with her parents, but in the meantime, she is still singing. According to her grandmother, she sings all the time.

Amelia recently got the opportunity to sing for more than her grandmother. She took center stage at a charity concert to sing in front of thousands of people. This is what brave looks like.

Watch the video below to hear Amelia sing the Ukrainian national anthem at Atlas Arena in Lodz.

People around the world are cheering for Amelia, the people of Ukraine, and the people of Poland who have taken in the refugees. After watching this video, one person wrote, “One huge round of applause not only for Amelia, but for the Polish people who have opened up their country, their homes, their hearts to millions of the most vulnerable Ukrainians like Amelia. You People of Poland have demonstrated to Ukraine and the world what it really means to say ‘I have your back.'”

Another person wrote, “This just rips my heart out. How can anyone condone this war. Such a beautiful voice from such a brave child.”

Yet another comment reads, “I thought I was a very tough guy, but listening to this little angel while my 2-year-old daughter also Amelia is sleeping next to me, I can’t hold back tears.”