11 Twins Share Stories That Could Only Happen to Twins

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If you’re an identical twin, you probably have a few funny stories about how you freaked out friends when switching places or gotten mistaken for your brother or sister. Even if you’re a fraternal twin, you’ve probably found yourself in a few situations that could only ever really happen to twins.

In a recent Reddit thread, twins shared their funniest stories about, well, just being a twin. Here are some of the best ones:

  1. Wrong Name Tags

    “My grandparents were getting us ready for kindergarten. They put the wrong nametags on us but we did not notice. I was just sitting in class and all of the sudden the teacher goes “(my brother’s name), you’re in the wrong class”. (We had different teachers). She brings me to my brother’s classroom and takes him to hers. I was so scared I didn’t say anything, and I felt like I did something wrong. After a few minutes I was so freaked out about being in an unfamiliar place and seeing all the strange faces I started crying. My brother’s kindergarten teacher figured out what was wrong and sent us back to our real classrooms.”

  2. The Good Old Twin Story

    “Identical twin here attending the same college as my twin brother. I was walking with my girlfriend at the time during my freshman year, and another girl approached me and said, “Ohhh so this is why you didn’t want to call me back.” I didn’t know this girl, but it also didn’t register at the time that she was referring to my twin—who I assume ghosted her. I told this girl she must be mistaken, and she says, “No I know it’s you—we met in the dorms.” And then it clicked for me. So I explained that she was confusing me for my twin brother, but the most awkward part is that she didn’t believe a word I was saying and thought I was just using the twin story to try to get rid of her. I had her call “me” at the time and show her that my phone wasn’t ringing and that she was calling my twin. My girlfriend was upset at first, but then basically realized the humor in the situation as it was unfolding.”

  3. A Slap in the Face

    “We were in middle school, was on the school bus and heard someone call my twin brothers name “J”. I turn and see his girlfriend extremely upset, and she slaps me right across the face, I was just dumbfounded and didn’t say a word as she walked away. I passed the message along to him later with a much harder slap. Good times!”

  4. Actors

    “This was my dad’s story, but he and my uncle look EXACTLY alike (to the point where their wives of 2+decades have confused them). When they were in college my dad was the lead in a show and my uncle came to see it opening night. My uncle saw his chance and, while my dad was in the bathroom, burst through the curtains and said “that’s it! I’ve had it! I can’t work with these people anymore” and stormed off. The director was basically shitting himself because nobody knew that my dad had a twin until my dad came back and (once he saw everyone’s faces) basically said “yeah, my twin is coming tonight. He messed with y’all, right?”

  5. You’re Going to Jail

    “My twin had recently joined the Navy and was at boot camp. I on the other hand, was walking around the grocery store when a man came running up to me in a panic. He began to shout, “What in the hell are you doing here?! You’re going to go to federal prison!” A bit shocked, I assumed it was just some crazy person, and started to back away but he followed. So, I said “Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He then proceeded to say my twins name and then I started laughing. He still very panicked and now angry asked why I thought this was funny. I explained I am such-and-such’s twin. He didn’t believe me until I finally pulled my I.D. out to prove I was who I said I was. He then apologized and explained he was her enlisting officer and was very concerned when he saw me.”

  6. Employee Discount

    “I’ve got a twin who works at Starbucks. I always get an employee discount!”

  7. An Inappropriate Gesture

    “I’m not a twin, but I’m dating one. I came up behind my girlfriend’s sister and smacked her a**, they share clothes sometimes and look EXACTLY alike especially from behind. It was so awkward that I have to say my girlfriend’s name to confirm it’s really her.”

  8. Kindergarten Pranksters

    “I’m a teacher and when I was student teaching there were twin girls. They were super cute and very hard to tell apart. I finally got to the point where I could tell which was which. One morning I confidently called them by their names, but they corrected me, I made note of what they were wearing and kept them straight the rest of the morning. Well we were going over a lessons and I call on Twin A she began to cry and said I’m not twin A I’m twin B. They decided that they were going to switch on us that morning, but then got upset when we called them the wrong name. We laughed so hard about it after the fact and their mom was appalled that they were already switching places in Kindergarten!”

  9. Are You My Mother?

    “My mom is an identical twin and when my aunt would come to visit they would wear the same clothes and pick me up from daycare. Multiple times I cried because I could never figure out which one was really my mom.”

  10. Freaking Everyone Out

    “My sister worked at Walmart for a few weeks before I started working there too. We had a few fun moments. The first one was my first day. She had an earlier shift and just as I was going to go in the back door she was coming out. So no one knew she was a twin and here was an identical person trying to go through the door at the same time. Without think I yelled “we are never supposed to be in the same place at the same time! ” then I ran away. Everyone was freaked out.”

  11. Sorority Problems

    “My brother and I dated sorority sisters in college. Some of the other sisters were concerned and thought both of them were getting cheated on.”

Do you know a twin who has a funny story like this?