Twin Sisters Give Birth to “Almost Twin Brothers” On the Exact Same Day

Good Morning America via YouTube

When you have an identical twin, you likely do everything with them. Besides looking exactly the same, you probably have similar friends, hobbies, interests, etc. In fact, one pair of twin sisters had so much in common that they nearly gave birth to “almost twin brothers” on the exact same day.

Meet Jill Justiniani and Erin Cheplak, who got pregnant around the same time, and then proceeded to give birth to each other’s nephews, named Oliver and Silas, on May 5, 2022. Not only that but they gave birth just a few hours apart at the same hospital, too!

We’re not done. Want to hear the even crazier part? Their sons were born with the exact same measurements—each weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces, and measuring 20 inches at birth. How is that even possible?!

“The twinning continues,” Cheplak, 30, told “Good Morning America.” Uh, no kidding.

Naturally, Cheplak is married to another twin (don’t worry, a fraternal one), named Zach. The two wed in a small ceremony when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak, holding a larger wedding celebration in August 2021. The morning of her wedding day, Justiniani called her to tell her that she was pregnant with her first baby. She got married to her husband, Ian, in 2019. “I screamed and woke up my husband,” Cheplak said. “It was such an exciting time.”

To make it even more exciting, one week later, while honeymooning in the Maldives, Cheplak found out that she was, too, pregnant, and of course, gave her sister a call.

The two, who have been the best of friends since day one, were lucky enough to be able to go on and share a near-identical pregnancy with each other.

“Sharing our pregnancy together was really special because we really had the support of each other through every step of the process,” Justiniani said. “Even just going through the day-to-day changes of pregnancy, all of the unknowns and the questions and the natural worries that come up, we were constantly able to check in with each other and support each other.”

Justiniani had a scheduled C-section planned for May 5, which Cheplak was scheduled to be induced on her due date, which was May 15. Though 10 days apart, Zach and Ian both had a “running joke” that the babies would be born on the same day—and sure enough, it came true!

You’ve gotta hear the story from the girls themselves—it’s truly incredible! Check out the Good morning American clip in the video below to hear more.

Can you believe this story? Do you know any identical twins who are this close or who had kids around the same time?