Give Your Leggings A Second Life With One Careful Cut

Is there anything better than finding creative ways to extend the life of your favorite fashions? When we’re harnessing our full frugal and clever power, we can keep wearing our favorite items for years past their natural expiration date. If that sounds like you, then you’re going to love this no-sew tip from Handimania that finds a new, fun use for old leggings.

If you’re anything like else, you probably have a stash of old leggings hidden in your drawers. Maybe you’ve outgrown your leggings, except for lounging around the house. It could be that you never wear them anymore, but the patterns are too cute to justify throwing them away! We’ve definitely been there.

Well, now you don’t have to send those leggings packing! You can reuse the fabric in a fresh, unique way, one that will only take a minute of your time AND add another fabulous piece to your wardrobe.

Turning one old fashion favorite into a new wardrobe staple for FREE? That’s the dream, right there.

All you need is an old pair of leggings (preferably one with an amazing pattern) and a pair of scissors to make the transformation.

Begin by laying out the leggings on a flat surface and smoothing out the fabric.

Next, fold the leggings; one leg should go on top of the other, as if you’re about to fold them to put away. Make sure they’re completely lined up, so it looks like there’s only one leg of fabric.

Then you’ll want to take your scissors and make the cut that changes everything. There should be a point sticking out from your leggings; it will be the fabric in between where the two legs meet. You’re going to cut it completely off.

In a semi-circle cut, snip off that gathering of fabric, trying to make the circle as evenly round as you can. If you want to trace this shape before you cut, you certainly can, but if you’re a steady hand you can just go ahead and make the cut without guidance.

And that, fashionistas, is it! And what exactly have you turned your leggings into? A very fashionable crop top, a piece that is very in style right now and perfect for the warm months to come!

The legs of the leggings will turn into the arms of your crop top and the cut you made in between the legs becomes you neckline. If you want a rounded neckline, make a rounded cut, but if you prefer a V-neck, make a triangle cut instead. Either way, this trick only take a minute or two of your time and will leave you with an awesome new top to wear out!

What do you think of this legging transformation? Share your thoughts on this hack in the comments section below.

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