Pregnant Woman Fights Traffic Ticket By Citing Roe V. Wade Decision

@staytunednbc via TikTok

Decisions impact other decisions. Laws impact other laws. The overturning of Roe v Wade is a huge decision, but it may be even bigger than most people realize.

One woman in Texas decided to take the overturning of Roe v Wade and use it to her advantage. She is pregnant, and it’s probably safe to assume that she didn’t consider aborting her baby. She is 34 weeks pregnant which is far enough along that if she were to give birth today the baby would most likely survive.

This woman was driving in the HOV lane, and a police officer pulled her over because he didn’t see any passengers in the car. He gave her a ticket because in his view of traffic laws, she shouldn’t have been driving in the HOV lane.

Her excuse for riding in the HOV lane is, as Dallas appellate lawyer Chad Ruback put it, “uncharted territory.” She claimed that she had every right to ride in the HOV lane since there were in fact two people in the car. She considers her unborn baby to be a passenger.

When the police officer asked where the second person was, she simply pointed to her belly and said “right here.” Ruback feels that “different judges might treat this differently.”

The mom to be plans to fight the ticket in court even though her court date is close to her due date.

The women on “The View” discussed this unprescedented traffic ticket argument that stemmed from the overturning of Roe v Wade. Most of them feel that she should win in court. Watch the video below to hear more about how a ruling on abortion might impact who can ride in the HOV lane.

Do you think pregnant people should be allowed to ride in the HOV lane? Do you think transportation laws should be changed to include an unborn baby as a passenger in a car?