15 People Discuss the Toxic Traits in Society That Are Glamorized As “Good”

Syda_Productions via Deposit Photos

It might be pretty obvious to some what makes you a good or bad person. But sometimes, the lines can be a little gray. In fact, there are lots of instances where toxic traits in society are glamorized as being positive, even though they’re far from it.

We bet you’ll be nodding along with these top responses when the question was proposed on TikTok user @nayaaford’s page. Check them out below!

  1. Minimizing Your Experience

    “Saying ‘others have it way worse than you.’ No. My feelings are valid regardless of how worse it could be.”

  2. Praising Men for Everyday Tasks

    “Giving men glory for doing all the normal things women do…e.g., cleaning, cooking, caring for their own kids, grocery shopping, etc.”

  3. OCD

    “It’s not trendy, it’s an illness.”

  4. Blaming the Zodiac

    “They use their zodiac sign to justify their actions and anger issues.”

  5. Bragging About Being Nice

    “Giving money to homeless on YouTube. Toxic. You don’t need other people to see you doing charitable things for it to be worth doing.”

  6. Mother in Law Monsters

    “Mother in laws being abusive towards their son mates it’s normal in so many cultures and it’s NEVER OKAY.”

  7. Pushing Yourself Too Hard

    “’Push yourself till it hurts’ when it comes to work, school, physical activities. I don’t get paid enough to go over my physical limits.”

  8. Being “Brutally Honest”

    “People bragging that they are ‘brutally honest.” You can be honest without being brutal.

  9. Overprotective Partners

    “Your partner should trust your judgment enough to let you stand up for yourself or ask for their help when it’s needed.”

  10. Hustle Culture

    “Would rather have a good paying 9-5 than 3 entrepreneurial ‘hustles.’”

  11. Respecting Your Elders Too Much

    “I agree, you should show respect, but there is a lot of disrespectful elderly and people in general who don’t.”

  12. Jealousy in Relationships

    “People romanticize ‘being crazy’ in relationships, like, ‘yeah she’s so crazy, she deleted every girl off my Facebook, she’s so crazy I love her though.’

  13. Invasion of Privacy

    “Going through your partner’s phone.”

  14. Forgiving Anyone for Anything

    “The concept of forgiveness nowadays is just, ‘oh yeah they hurt you and u prob have trauma u will deal with forever but just forgive and move on’…um, no.”

  15. Never Having Time Away From Your Partner

    “Couples that take pride in being each other’s only friends and spend ALL their time together. It’s good to be separate from your partner sometimes.”

What do you think of these otherwise toxic traits? What would you add to this list?