15 People Share the Toxic Things They Think We Need to Stop Teaching Kids

Image of children eating lunch at school.Pressmaster via Deposit Photos

To you remember what it’s like to be a child? As children we are subject to the rules of adults. Children look to adults for education and to help them understand the world around them.

There’s a lot to learn when you’re a child, but the advice given by adults isn’t always helpful. Sometimes adults tell children things that are simply wrong and might even create problems later in life if they really believe what the adults are telling them. We’re talking about things that are commonly told to children.

Reddit user Ok-Department5749 asked, “What should we stop teaching young children?”

The answers are eye-opening in some cases. Some of these things were probably said to you when you were a child. See if you agree with this list of 15 things we should stop telling children.

  1. Zero Tolerance Policies

    Reddit user 4-stars wrote:

    that “zero tolerance policies” where you get detention because someone punched you in the back of the head make any f***ing sense.

  2. Not Taking Their Worries and Concerns Seriously

    Another Reddit user shared:

    Their worries and concerns are small or silly. Stop making them feel dumb or embarrassed for saying or doing something wrong. Most of all, that it’s normal for mom or dad to post those moments on their social media page. Just stop.

  3. Saying “No”

    reddollnightmare shared:

    That saying No is rude. I wanna teach my kid it’s ok to refuse something or just say “no” without any reason.

  4. Being Friends With Everyone

    DenverTigerCO explained:

    That everyone is your friend. It’s not true. I had to tell my 9 year old niece that sometimes people aren’t going to like her and it’s just how it is. This broker her heart because there’s a boy in her class who doesn’t like her and she’s been trying to win him over. She’s so sweet and I hated having to tell her that

  5. Eating Everything on Your Plate

    jennkrn added:

    To finish the food on your plate if you’re not still hungry. Note: don’t waste food. Save leftovers if you can.

  6. Adults Know Everything

    cocaine_is_ok_iguess answered:

    That adults know what they are doing and have it all figured out.It’s more of the impression of it but they need to know that it’s ok to not know what you’re doing so they don’t freak out towards the end of highschool and after it

  7. Being Special

    toothfixingfiend wrote:

    That they’re more special than other kids. It’s a recipe for future entitled adults.

  8. Disrespect

    Ali49130 answered:

    That you can’t disrespect adults but they can disrespect you

  9. Getting Picked On

    Agraywitch11 shared:

    That if someone is picking on them it means they like them. Gonna set them up for alot of problems later in life.

  10. Hugs

    SqueakyFarts99 shared:

    That not wanting to hug someone is rude.

  11. Sharing

    cutiegirl88 responded:

    Stop making them share everything for the sake of sharing. Teach them to set healthy boundaries. Teach them about donations and charity. Teach them sharing in moderation. Teach them why we share. But dammit, stop forcing them to do it all the time because ‘that’s what kids are supposed to do’

  12. Being Wrong

    Successful-Eye-4100 added:

    To be ashamed when they’re wrong. People should be thrilled to learned they’re wrong because it’s an opportunity to learn. Instead we shame politicians who ‘flip flop’ on issues, even if they switch their opinions from something like man/woman marriage to a stance of gay rights support.Then we wonder why people straight up deny they’re wrong even when you pile a mountain of evidence in front of their dumb faces.

  13. Hitting

    DaBlakMayne wrote:

    Hitting someone doesn’t mean they like you. Its almost encouraged and I think gives people warped views on affection as they get older

  14. Dating

    Major_Ghoul explained:

    To not give up on somebody you’re romantically interested in. No means no, and while they might give you another chance later on, if you keep bugging them it quickly turns into harassment

  15. Jobs

    Matt872000 wrote:

    One thing that kind of hit me as a teacher is the typical conversation you have with younger kids. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is such a common question, but feels like it implies that they are the job they do and that’s the most important thing that they will have or do.