These Are the Top 10 States Ranked By How Terrible Their Drivers Are

While some people are scared to fly, you’re putting your life in the hands of others every single day when you get in your car. Not all drivers obey the laws, and that means we’re all at risk, but some states have better drivers than others.

By “better drivers” we mean drivers who obey the laws. They don’t speed. They don’t drink and drive. Basically, they play it safe. looked at data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine which states have the worst drivers in the country. In order to figure out the state rankings, they looked at “the biggest mistakes bad drivers make:

  1. Careless Driving
  2. Drunk Driving
  3. Ignoring Traffic Laws
  4. Speeding
  5. Death Rate”

And, here they are, the 10 states with the very worst drivers in America.

  1. Alaska

    This very northern state was rated the 2nd worst for drunk driving and came in as 21st worst for careless driving. This is especially a problem when budget cuts mean fewer resources to remove snow from roads.

  2. South Carolina

    This east coast state had the highest fatality rate in the country.

  3. New Mexico

    This border state ranked 2nd worst for careless driving and 13th worst for drunk driving, and this is far from the 1st year that the state has ranked poorly in careless driving.

  4. Louisiana

    Maybe Louisiana drivers don’t think the laws apply to them. They ranked 2nd worst in the category of failing to obey the laws and 38th worst for speeding.

  5. North Carolina

    Speeding is a huge issue here, and the problem is even bigger because the highways aren’t very good, and there’s very little in the state’s budget to make any highway improvements.

  6. Nevada

    This state ranked 7th worst in both categories of failing to obey and careless driving. What’s even worse is that it’s even dangerous to walk on the sidewalk in Nevada. Many traffic accidents involve pedestrians.

  7. Montana

    This state is the worst in the nation when it comes to obeying traffic laws.

  8. Arizona

    This western state ranked 4th for careless driving. Texting and driving and talking on the phone and driving are two big issues in this state.

  9. Texas

    The Lone Stare state comes in at 8th for careless driving and 29th in the category of failure to obey. One issue is that Texas drivers need to slow down around construction areas.

  10. Missouri

    This state ranked 13th in the category of failure to obey and 24th for drunk driving.

If your state didn’t make it on this list, bravo! To see where you state ranked, check out the full list that includes every state plus the District of Columbia.

Where did your state rank? Did these results surprise you?