You Can Now Buy a Sand Timer For People Who Spend Far Too Much Time On The Toilet

Toilet Timer

Let’s face it—sometimes the only alone time you can find in a day is when you’re in a bathroom stall.

You might love the quiet so much that you stay in there a bit longer than you need to, whether you’re scrolling through your phone, reading a book or simply just daydreaming with your pants down. All of a sudden a half hour has gone by and you’re still sitting on the toilet!

We’re all guilty of this once in a while, right? But if you know someone who constantly overstays their welcome in the bathroom, they might benefit from being timed—with a toilet sand timer.

Yes, there is such a thing. And it’s brilliant.

Once you spin it, the timer gives the bathroom goer five minutes to do their business. Once the sand stops, they have to flush and get on out of there!

“How long does your loved one spend in the bathroom actually doing their business? Help them keep things moving with our nifty device,” the hilarious description reads.

“The toilet tmer is for the poo-crastinator taking their sweet time,” it continues. “Help your loved one get back to the people they are trying to avoid.

The toilet timer comes in a few amusing designs, the main one is a man sitting on the toilet with his pants down holding his phone. The sand emerges from, well, you know.

There’s also a design specifically for dads, which offers a bit more detail and color in its visuals, as well as a “presidential” version with a silhouette of President Trump sitting on a gold toilet, doing the same type of dawdling.

Of course, women are sometimes guilty of this too, but the company, appropriately named “Toilet Timer,” explains the gift as being perfect for “men, dads and husbands.” We suppose men are probably the worst offenders of sitting on the can too long!

Besides just wasting valuable time, the company also notes that there can be some hindrances to your health when you linger in the bathroom too long—like hemorrhoids. So really, you’re just doing the pooper in your life a favor.

The timer is just $14.99 and has some raving reviews. While most say it doesn’t necessarily stop the long-poop offender from staying in the bathroom too long, the person they bought it for thought it was hilarious.

To purchase the clever gift, head to Amazon now!

How funny (and relatable) is this toilet timer? Do you know someone who spends their sweet time sitting on the toilet? Are you likely to buy this product?