Tony Danza Told To “Stop Being An A-hole”

s_bukley via Deposit Photos

Actor Tony Danza is best known for his role on the sitcom “Who’s the Boss.” He was a likable guy on the show. He could be described as a heartthrob in the 1980s, but now some claim that he’s not a nice guy.

Page Six recently reported about an incident that happened in New York City when Danza was walking down the sidewalk. There are mixed views of precisely what happened in this situation, but one source claims Danza was rude to a lady who was walking her dog, and she called him out about it. Another source claims that Danza didn’t do anything wrong, and the dog was big and wouldn’t get out of his way. Watch the video below for Page Six’s take on the situation.

This isn’t the only time Danza has been accused of bad behavior.

In the video below, Danza is a guest on a late-night TV show when he says and does several things that make him appear to be unpleasant to be around. First, he gets angry about a cup of water on the table next to his chair. Then, he blows his nose and throws the tissue on the floor. Maybe he thinks he’s being funny, but it doesn’t necessarily come off as funny. Watch the video below to see what you think of this situation.

These two incidents are hardly the only times Danza has been accused of rude and inappropriate behavior. For example, in April a reporter called him “the rudest celebrity ever interviewed” following a red carpet interview. Reportedly, Danza told the reporter to “come up with some better questions.”

One reason Danza may be a little snippy recently is the fact that John Stamos called him out in his memoir “If You Would’ve Told Me.” Stamos claimed Danza slept with Stamos’ girlfriend while they were still dating, but Danza claims that’s not true. He’s not denying the relationship happened, but he claims she and Stamos had already split up.