People On TikTok Are Loving This Tiny Mom With Giant Babies

There’s something about babies that makes them extra cute. Small babies, big babies, boy babies, girl babies, laughing babies, frowning babies – they’re all cute. Maybe it’s the little clothes or their big eyes. Maybe it’s that they’re so cuddly and playful. We’re not quite sure why, but we melt when we see a cute baby – and we have yet to see a baby that’s not cute.

While we’ve established that all babies are cute, there’s something extra special about twin babies. Seeing two of a kind interact with one another and the world is priceless. Maybe that’s why people are loving 22-year-old mom Alexa LaRue’s TikToks. Or, maybe it’s because her babies aren’t just twins, they’re also really big for their age, we’re talking 98% for height and weight on the pediatrician’s charts.

When LaRue was pregnant with her daughters, Camila and Elena, she knew she was having twins, but she didn’t know she was having unusually large twins. She actually bought premie clothes for them since twins tend to be born smaller than other babies.

She never needed the premie clothes. Her babies immediately wore newborn size clothes and quickly outgrew them. They were born at a healthy and pretty average 6 pounds 6 ounces and 6 pounds 7 ounces apiece. Fast forward 7 months, and they were already in size 12-18 month clothes.

LaRue posts lots of TikToks featuring her twins, and viewers are loving it. The contrast between the size of the babies and the size of their mom is adorable and amusing. You see, LaRue is only five-foot-three.

Not everyone is positive about the size of the babies. You’re always going to find those people who choose to be negative or try to mom-shame, but LaRue is trying really hard not to let it get to her. She simply responds with grace. For example, when someone comments that she must be feeding her babies too much to try to get them to be extra big, she responds, “They’re getting just the right amount of milk. They’re happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. Some people just have big babies! Their pediatrician has not had any concerns about their sizes, they are simply very fast growers.”

It’s hard enough being a mom without being judged and made to feel like you’re doing something wrong, so instead of pointing blame, just look at those adorable babies!

Although LaRue tries to ignore what strangers say about her on the internet, she admitted on TikTok, “Mommy might stop reading comments for my mental health and because I need to keep my peace.” She explained that she’d had a difficult night because of comments on her videos from people she doesn’t even know. She ended the video saying, “Always be kind,” while her smiling babies clapped and smiled.