One Tiny House Was Too Small for These Homeowners, So They Used a Central Sunroom to Connect Two

We love the idea of tiny houses and are always fascinated by how tiny house designers manage to fit so many things in such a small space. It takes KonMari organization to a new level. However, we’re parents, which means that we’d have a lot of people to fit in such a small space. We could use a little more room to stretch out.

If you like the idea of living in a tiny house but think they’re, well, too tiny, you might find this creative solution pretty interesting. We did. It’s perfect for a family of 4, because, let’s face it, a tiny house is much easier when there are only 1 or 2 of you.

Carol and Clayton met in Hawaii, but now they live in Oregon. Ironically, they live in a city called Aloha. No kidding. They have two sons, Manoah and Kona, and they wanted to spend more time as a family, which led them to wanting to live in a tiny house.

Clayton said, “We just feel like we can’t give our kids the best of us that we could if we didn’t have as much stuff.”

Architect Brian Crabb from the VIVA Collectiv helped design a unique tiny house for the family. Due to their love for Hawaii, it’s called The Ohana. In Hawaiian, “ohana” means family.

In order to create a tiny house that would work well for the family of 4, they actually used 2 174-square-foot tiny houses and connected them by a 240-square-foot sunroom featuring a glass roof.

The unit on the left contains a bedroom that features a full-size bed with a loft bed underneath.


There is also a kitchen with a stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer and plenty of cabinet space.

The bathroom includes a tub, which is rare in tiny houses, and has an eye-catching tile design.

The unit on the right contains a living room which includes room for a full-size couch.

There is also plenty of storage space, and there are even 2 bedrooms stacked on top of each other, one being a loft.

In-between the units is the sunroom. Clayton said, “You’re so invited by that room when you look at the windows. It just adds a component that’s very unique. It’s a great way to enjoy the property.”

Clayton adds that the family has even had parties at their home with up to 50 people. “Most people say, ‘I could see myself living here. This is very doable.’ That’s what we love about it.”

Do you think you could live in a 2-unit tiny home life this?