Latest Puzzle Has Us Searching for a Tiny Crab Hidden In a Field of Poppies

Gergely Dudás

Finding a hidden object inside a picture often sounds easier than it is in reality, yet, it’s a fun challenge. We’ve solved multiple hidden picture puzzles, and now we’re excited about this new one by artist Gergely Dudas, also known as the Dudolf.

Dudas’s hidden picture puzzles are always quite challenging, yet even if we weren’t looking for a hidden picture, we would be entertained by his art. For example, this underwater puzzle is quite entertaining to look at even without searching for anything, and this picture of ice-cream cones is pretty cute even without searching for the hidden lollipop.

Today’s puzzle is a field of poppies. It’s quite a pretty picture all on its own, but this picture comes with a challenge. There is a crab hidden among the poppies. That’s right. We’re looking for a red crab hidden among a whole bunch of red flowers. It definitely is a challenge.

Before you start looking for the crab, you might be curious how Dudas created the picture. Thankfully, he created a video to show us step by step how this picture became a reality. From the blank page to a completed hidden picture puzzle, watch the video below and see if you can spot the crab while he’s drawing the picture.

Didn’t find it yet? That’s okay. We’ll try the old-fashioned way – looking at the picture closely. In this case, the crab is the exact same color as the flowers, so it is quite tricky. However, we assure you that there really is a crab hidden in this picture.

Here are some tips. Look at all the details. Look closely at each flower to see if anything looks unusual. Start in one corner of the picture and work your way across the picture slowly paying close attention to everything you see.

Did you find it? If you give up, you can see the answer here, but please make sure you’re done searching for the crab before looking at the answer.

How long did it take you to find the hidden crab? Did you need to look at the answer in order to find it?