Woman Goes Viral on TikTok After Quitting Walmart Job Over Store’s Loudspeaker


Usually when someone quits his or her job, he or she does it privately. For example, the employee may have a conversation with his or her boss making it clear that he or she is quitting. An employee may also be required to write a resignation letter for HR purposes.

Some people who really dislike their jobs dream about quitting in a dramatic fashion, like giving a speech that puts the boss in his or her place and then storming out of the building after having the last word; however, most people don’t really quit this way.

Shana Ragland worked at the Walmart store in Lubbock, Texas, for about 2 years. Her job consisted of organizing the store’s stock and unloading trailers. She really liked her job at first, but she did not like the work environment.

Ragland claims that her managers created a toxic work environment with their racist and sexist comments and behavior. Eventually, Ragland decided that she would not put up with this environment any longer. She decided to quit her job.

Ragland wanted to make sure that the other employees at the store were protected from having to continue working in this toxic environment, so she decided to quit in a very unique way. She took to the store’s loudspeaker and started by saying, “Attention Walmart shoppers…” 

As Ragland continued to talk through the store’s loudspeaker, she went on to make it very clear that she was not announcing a new price or store special. Instead, she was calling out the store’s managers by name and announcing to the entire store that those managers were racist and sexist. Ragland ended her speech by saying, “I quit.”

Ragland wasn’t satisfied with just making her announcement to the store. She filmed herself the entire time she was talking over the store’s loudspeaker, and then she posted the video on TikTok where it has since gone viral.

Learn more about the very public way Ragland quit her job in the video below and hear Ragland explain why she felt it was necessary to quit in such a public way.

Have you ever quit your job? Do you think that Ragland made the right decision to quit her job in publicly?