48-Year-Old Tiffani Amber Thiessen Posts New Swimsuit Photo And Fans Say She’s “Still Got It”

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Actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s big break was in 1989 when she was cast on the TV show “Saved by the Bell” as cheerleader Kelly Kapowski. During the show, Kapowski worked as a lifeguard over the summer and sometimes wore a swimsuit on the show. 

In 2020, Thiessen reprised her role as Kapowski in the reboot of “Saved by the Bell.” While doing research for this role, Thiessen posted a picture from the show in the swimsuit she wore while working as a lifeguard.


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Not everyone is able to maintain their figure through the years, but Thiessen recently posted another picture of herself in a one-piece swimsuit that has fans claiming she looks just as good on the beach today as she did decades ago.

In the picture, Thiessen is posing in front of large rocks on the beach. She is wearing a dark colored one-piece swimsuit and aviator sunglasses. She holds a straw hat in her right hand, and her brunette hair tumbles over her shoulders.

Thiessen humorously captioned the photo, “When you get caught trying to find a place to pee.”


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One person commented, “HELLO. I didn’t realize they were making a new Baywatch series!!!!”

Another comment reads, “Kelly kapowski still gots it.”

Another fan wrote, “Doesn’t age what’s so ever.”

Thiessen is currently 48-years-old. What’s her secret for staying in shape? Last year she told Hollywood Life that her secret to staying in shape is not to “panic” if she realizes that she has gained a few pounds. She explained, “What is panic going to do? They say stress actually adds pounds, so if I stress it’s going to be worse, right?”

Although she doesn’t “panic,” that doesn’t mean she has a habit of eating foods that are bad for her either. She added, “I’ve never been one to eat bad all the time and I’ve never been one to always be healthy. I’m like an 80-20 per cent kind of person. I try to be because I love food. I love to cook… Eating a salad three times a day is not always what I want to do. So, I think it’s all about balance.”

Do you think Thiessen’s approach of not panicking when she gains weight is wise? Do you ever panic when you gain a few pounds?