You’ve Got to See This Incredible Family Makeover!

If you are one of our regular readers, then you probably already know that we absolutely adore makeovers. There’s just something so satisfying about witnessing a talented stylist do their magic on a willing client. That’s why we want to share a very special one with you that is a bit of a triple whammy.

In today’s clip, three generations of women get transformations from our favorite stylist du jour: The Makeover Guy. This is how he approached each of the sessions…


During her pre-makeover interview, the grandma to Amy and mom to Pam told the stylist that she was looking for something rather simple; “a different hairstyle” is all she really wanted. Well, she’s clearly the most low-maintenance of the three! We love the fact that she is so open to trying something new.

The Makeover Guy explains that he decided to keep the transformation of this family’s matriarch simple. Both stylist and client agreed that brown was a good color on her, so they didn’t make any changes there. Instead, he focused on giving her thinning hair some serious volume by adding in a scalp concealer.

As for the makeup, the artist opted for more of a “dramatic style” with some seriously on point eyeliner and darker, fuller brows.


Before the start of her makeover, Pam made a proclamation that was completely different than that of her mellow mother. “I just want to look completely different than what I do,” the bespectacled lady said. It’s a bit of a broad statement, but we can tell by her cheerful demeanor that she was pretty much ready to rock any look that came her way!

For her transformation, the stylists decided to enhance her natural beauty. The mom already had gorgeous gray locks to start off with, but the team chose a softer platinum in order to tone down the “dull white” lowlights.

The makeup artist removed her glasses in order to let her gorgeous baby blues be the focal point. Even that small change made a huge difference!


The youngest of the group had a bit less of a laissez-faire attitude than her mom and grandma. Sure, she seems relatively laid back, but we can tell that she was sweating bullets during her consultation. We don’t blame you, Amy. Big changes can be really nerve-racking!

With limp locks and cow licks aplenty, the Makeover Guy admitted that she has the most difficult hair to work with of the bunch. So, instead of giving her a dramatic cut, he decided to focus on adding volume and creating a defined shape.

Though we love her hair, we think her makeup is a complete home run! Her smoky eyes and berry-colored pout round out her new chic, polished look.

Now that you know the stories behind these three extraordinary makeovers, we think it’s time for you to witness the dazzling results for yourself. Just click on the video below to see this three generation transformation!

What do you think of Bonnie, Amy, and Pam’s new looks? Which one is your favorite? If you were their stylist, would you make any further changes? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!