How This Woman Lost 100 Pounds By Intermittent Fasting 5 Days a Week

Years ago, before the land of the internet and social media, I’m honestly not quite sure how anyone actually learned anything. They had to go to a library and rent books or something. Crazy, right?

Now, we may not see it as a luxury all the time, but we do have the capabilities these days to get fast, quick information at our fingertips. Want to know how much energy it takes to cook an egg? Just google it. Want to see what the restaurant you’re going to for brunch this weekend looks like? Check the location feature on Instagram.

But on top of silly things like this, did you know social media also has the ability to help you more easily navigate huge life changes?

Meet Tanique Johnson, who weighed 286 pounds at age 23. Her knees creaked every time she walked. When her doctor weighed her, she knew she had to make a change. But instead of finding a personal trainer or nutritionist, she turned to an unexpected, cheaper information source: Instagram.

“I started working out at home by following Instagram videos posted by various trainers and eating more vegetables (and less junk food)—seriously, that’s it,” Tanique said. “For the first time, I was sticking to a healthier lifestyle and stopped making excuses.”

She also learned about intermittent fasting through Instagram, which is where you fast for certain periods of time. It’s said to help you more easily lose weight. She began to try that, which only helped her in her weight-loss journey even more.

“I fast between 6 p.m. and 12 p.m., during which time I typically stick to black coffee and water with lemon,” she said. “After that, I’ll break my fast with the healthy eating habits I taught myself (lots of veggies and protein, fewer carbs).”

Tanique’s full day of eating typically consists of a spinach and cheese omelet with some avocado, which keeps her full from breakfast through lunch, a snack of a protein shake, fruit or some nuts, and then chicken with broccoli for dinner. As for dessert, Tanique says the intermittent fasting has helped her control her sweet tooth.

“I found that the fasting has helped curb my cravings,” she says. “It’s allowed me to mindfully consider whether I want to eat just because I’m stressed or because I’m truly hungry.”

To keep herself accountable, Tanique even decided to create her own healthy-living Instagram account where she posted her own home workout videos. She also tracks her meals on an app called MyFitness Pal so that she can keep track of exactly what she’s putting into her body.

Thanks to Instagram, Tanique has lost a total of 100 pounds. She currently weighs 185, which is just 15 pounds off from her goal weight.

“Though I’m still working on the mental aspects including self-doubt that come with change (sometimes it’s easier to change your body than your mind), I feel more proud every day of what I’ve been able to do, and show others they can do, too,” she says.

Wow, what a transformation! We can’t believe Tanique was able to drop this much weight with the help of a social media app.

Have you ever used Instagram to help you with fitness or nutrition?