This Wearable Towel Makes Bathtime a Breeze

Image of Meredith and Steve BowenKickstarter

If you’re a parent, you know bathtime can be kind of tough. I mean, you may as well put on your floaties and join them in the tub, right? You get just as wet giving a bath as they do being in the bath!

Getting them out of the bath is just as much of a struggle — a really wet one. You have to lift your baby out, reach for a separate towel to dry your baby…I mean, unless you have five hands, you’re not going to stay dry, you’re just not.

Well, unless you have the Bath Apron, that is. The Bath Apron is pretty much the most innovative hooded towel on the market. Except it’s not like other products at all. With a hooded towel, you’re still taking your baby out of the bath with one arm, or laying him or her down on the ground on top of the towel — but this simple invention totally eliminates that issue.

The Bath Apron allows you to use both hands to take your baby out of the tub and dry them off, without you feeling like you took your own shower. It’s a towel that you can wear, making your hands free to remove your baby from the tub.

It features adjustable straps with three-pronged clips so you can clip and unclip them easy as 1, 2, 3 — even using just one hand. And once you unhook the straps after you have your baby in tow, it converts into a normal hooded towel, but even better. It’s actually larger than most, so it can accommodate any size baby.

Additionally, the Bath Apron is made from thick luxury grade cotton, so it stays soft wash after a wash. Plus, you can remove the straps and clips so you can wash it after each use with ease.

Most importantly, the Bath Apron is super safe. Holding your slippery, wet baby with one arm and trying to get them dry as they’re wiggling around is certainly not our definition of safety. With the Bath Apron, you can wear the towel while you’re doing bathtime, and then easily dry your baby with both hands all why he or she is safely held against your chest.

“We hope the Bath Apron will truly be a convenient and safer alternative to traditional towels and a simple solution to an everyday activity,” says Meredith Bowen, the co-creator of the Bath Apron, which she founded with her husband, Steve.

How much does it cost? If you want to purchase a Bath Apron for you or a friend, you’re in luck! If you’re reading this right now, you qualify for the “TipHero Special.” That means when you pre-order through this link, your Bath Apron will come to just $15!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to join the ranks in making bathtime safer, easier, and more fun, with the Bath Apron.

For more information on how this product works, check out the video below!

Do you struggle with bathtime, or know anyone who does? Are you going to get yourself or a loved one a Bath Apron to make baths easier?