9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Panera Bread

If you’re a Panera Bread fan, you probably love soups and sandwiches. But there’s actually a lot more behind the franchise that meets the eye—or taste buds. Below are some of the most unknown, surprising facts about Panera.

  1. Panera was one of the first national chains to list calorie amounts on their menu.
  2. The y were also one of the first chains to provide free internet use to customers. Sales actually increased by 15% after this, so it paid off.
  3. The store only has classical music playing at all times.
  4. The bread is made fresh every day. They produce more than 250 million bagels and 50 million baguettes each year.
  5. Panera franchises donate the baked goods left at the end of the through a program called Day-End Dough-Nation.
  6. Panera means “bread basket” or “bread box” in Spanish—probably why the bread bowls are so famous.
  7. Panera closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas only.
  8. There are free refills on coffee.
  9. There’s a Panera in every state except Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Did you know any of these facts about Panera? What’s your favorite food to order when you eat there?