13 Men Share the Things Women Do That They Think Are Totally Creepy

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Sometimes it hard to know what our behavior looks like to others. No matter how hard we try to be likable and approachable, we might be doing things that others find creepy and off-putting without ever realizing it. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see if there is something we need to change.

Reddit user alltimestats asked the community, “Men of reddit, what do women do that they think is okay but is actually creepy?” We don’t know if this Reddit user is male or female, but we like to think that it’s a woman asking for outside opinions, of course, it could be a man wanting to know if his own feelings about women’s creepy behavior were similar to his own observations. Regardless, the answers are interesting, and especially if you’re a woman, particularly eye-opening.

Read on to discover what 13 different men think women do that’s pretty creepy. See if you agree with their opinions.

  1. Criticizing Men for “Superficial Reasons”

    One Reddit user wrote:

    Honestly, hands down, Women who exploit emotions of men. We may not all cry in the movie theatre, but we are not incapable of experiencing deep painful emotional wounds. In general it seems to be more acceptable for women to rag on guys for our image, Like our height, weight, or income. While the flipside being that men cannot criticize women without being a pig.So yeah, women who nitpick guys for superficial reasons are creepy, arrogant, and covered with more red flags than a game of mine-sweeper.

  2. Acting Babyish

    Reddit user rdias002 shared:

    IDK if it’s just me, but the baby voice + behavior… Really puts me off.

  3. Telling Little Boys They’re Going to “Be a Lady Killer”

    grayum_ian explained:

    Tell me that my almost 2 year old son is so handsome and going to break hearts / be a lady killer. If I rolled up to a park and told a mom how good looking her daughter was and that all the boys are going to want her they’d call the cops.

  4. “If I Were Younger”

    Varris_Tulek wrote:

    When women say things like “If I were 10 years younger….” about underage boys. it’s creepy, gives off pedo vibes, and if the genders were reversed you’d call the FBI.

  5. Unwanted Touching

    3inthedark3 shared:

    Unwanted physical contact. Was out to dinner with a bunch of friends (coincidentally, they were all women), and the waitress was hitting on me, which involved obvious compliments (which I don’t care about) and putting her hands all over my shoulders and upper chest. We all had a laugh about it after, but I was seriously weirded out by it, and were the genders reversed I guarantee no one would have been laughing about it.

  6. Comments about Men at Work

    nickname_esco shared:

    Perving on men. So many times in the workplace i have heard women say what they would like to do to a certain man. Almost drooling in public.If a man said the same comments they would be fired.

  7. Lying

    stashtv added several examples:

    Setting up traps, to “test” us.Being upset with something we did/said in YOUR dreams. Lying to our faces when we ask direct questions like: what is wrong, how are you, etc.

  8. Hypocrisy

    Myota shared:

    Women invading men’s personal space but then proceed to freak out when men invade theirs.

  9. Isolation and Control in Relationships

    protomanEXE1995 added:

    Trying to isolate us from friends (especially other women) and family because they want us to focus on the relationship and prioritizing her emotional needs over everybody else in our lives. It’s under the guise of wanting to develop a bond and get to know us better, but if you’re paying attention, you can tell what’s really going on.& Also — Having gone through copious amounts of domestic violence training at work (both as a requirement for employment and as part of the job since I record trainings) it is painfully obvious that this is something men do all the time to control women.

  10. Touching a Stranger’s Hair

    Count-Zero_ wrote:

    Don’t touch my hair… Just don’t. I know it’s long and partially dyed and you might think that’s cool or unusual for a male, but PLEASE don’t touch it I get extremelly uncounfortable

  11. Using Filters on Pictures

    CheesusCHROIST shared:

    Photo filters that make them look like creepy toy dolls.

  12. Being Over-Protective

    shadyinside46 added:

    When they think it’s cute to be over protective of their men.

  13. Using the Men’s Bathroom

    JPT_Corona wrote:

    Barging into the men’s bathroom at a club because the woman’s bathroom is full.