13 People Share the Things They’ve Had to Explain to Grown Adults

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When a baby is born, that child has literally everything to learn. As parents, it is our job to make sure he or she learns the basic fundamentals of life, how the world works, how to be a good citizen, and why 2 plus 2 equals 4. 

Parents expect to have to answer endless questions from their curious children. Though it can be annoying at times, it is easier now than it used to be thanks to the ability to easily look up answers on our phones. We’ve even learned a few things thanks to the curious minds of our children.

While it might be a little annoying to answer questions that seem like they have obvious answers, it’s understandable from a child. It feels ridiculous when an adult doesn’t understand something that really should be common sense.

Reddit user waldo06 asked the community, “What’s something you can’t believe you had to explain to another adult?” The answers are mind-boggling at times. Scroll down to discover 13 things adults actually had to explain to other adults.

  1. North and South Poles

    Written by Reddit user mizboring:

    In regards to the North and South poles, neither is “the one that is always hot.”

  2. Spicier Blood

    barackandrollband wrote:

    I once had to explain to a college friend that Indians didn’t have spices running in their blood that allows them to eat spicier food.

  3. Why Isn’t There a Balcony?

    JustSomeGirl31718 added:

    Why a room below sea level on a cruise ship would not have a balcony

  4. How Old Is the Earth?

    Shared by Antares25:

    I had to explain to my friend that the earth wasn’t 2019 years old.

  5. The Calendar Is Too Confusing

    Written by Frugal_Midwestern:

    That Earth has one moon. The new moon on the calendar every month confused her.

  6. Halloween

    theawkwardmermaid felt smarter than mom:

    That Halloween has never and will never fall on Friday the 13th. It was my mom.

  7. Hopefully She Wasn’t Teaching about Birds

    Written by Reddit user chickenlaaag:

    I had to explain to a teacher, in front of her class, that a penguin was a bird.I didn’t want to be like that but she was adamant that if it didn’t fly, it wasn’t a bird.

  8. A Bomb Like That Would Be Extra Smart

    Patches67 wrote:

    When a ‘smart’ bomb strikes a building and blows it up, it doesn’t just kill the bad guys, it kills everyone in the building. Smart only means it’s going to hit the building instead of a random location.

  9. Income

    SyntaxGiraffe added:

    My mother told me nobody can live on $40,000 (USD) a year, and I was unable to get her to understand that it is pretty normal to make $40,000 or less and people do fine with that salary.

  10. Some Things Shouldn’t Be Copied

    Shared by ynm666:

    My friend worked at Office Depot and had to explain to a customer why he couldn’t make him photocopies of a 20 dollar bill

  11. Hot Chocolate Is Not a Diet Drink

    Written by freemasonry:

    That drinks have caloric content. A coworker was complaining how she was having trouble losing weight and didn’t realize drinking 4 hot chocolates a day was not really conducive to weight loss.

  12. Just Look at the Map

    Added by Jonouy:

    Canada is part of North America

  13. Islands

    Usefuldrone wrote:

    Had to explain to someone that islands don’t tip over if you put too much weight on the edge.