13 People Discuss The Things That They Wish Still Existed

Dharma Lady via Flickr

When you think back to years past, you might wonder what happened to certain things—and wish they still existed. Sometimes, without us ever really knowing, things just kind of go by the wayside, until you realize—dang! Can we get that back?

We’re sure you can think of a few examples, but the people of Reddit have spoken. See if your wishes match theirs in their top responses to the question, “What doesn’t exist anymore but should?”

  1. Saturday Morning Cartoons

    “Fox Kids, 1 Saturday Morning, Kids WB, BKN…I remember watching the CW4Kids block after it replaced Kids WB when I was in my early 20s, and I knew the writing was on the wall. It became Vortexx for a bit, and even that ended by 2014.”

  2. Blockbuster

    “Technically Blockbuster still has ONE remaining store open somewhere in Alaska I think, but, I miss Blockbuster. Like back when it was poppin’. I miss strolling on over there on Friday, renting a game or two and a movie, get some popcorn and candy. It was always a good experience. I still have my blockbuster card in my wallet tbh. No joke. They demolished the building our local one was in last year finally and built a Walgreens in its place.”

  3. Vine

    “I don’t know whether this is a cringy opinion to have, but I believe a unique art form was lost when Vine died. That 6-second limit forced people to use creative ways to rapidly tell a story and a lot of hilarious stuff came out of it. There are a few videos on TikTok that sort of recapture the Vine feel, but I still feel like I’m watching a hollow ghost of something once-great when I watch TikToks.”

  4. Altoid Sours

    “Easiest was to nuke your tongue. Sure if ya ate an entire tin on the bus you wouldn’t be able to taste for days, but damn they were good.”

  5. Home Economics Classes

    “It is shocking how many people leave school with no idea how to take care of themselves.”

  6. Intermissions During Long Movies

    “Especially useful now that movies tend to be much longer than they were, say, 20 years ago.”

  7. Toys in Breakfast Cereal

    “Rather than an online code for a chance to win a contest if you download their crappy game app.”

  8. Dunkaroos

    “Dunkaroos were still around until a couple years ago I believe but the cookies changed to shortbread. It was disappointing.”

  9. Dippin Dots

    “Whatever happened to those? They just randomly vanished.”

  10. Drive-in Theaters

    “I don’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers but I also don’t want to only watch movies in my living room.”

  11. Glass McDonald’s Cups

    “I used to have the glass Mason jar type cups with the McDonald’s characters on them (Grimace, Hamburglar, etc.). Talk about old school…”

  12. Pepsi Blue

    “Crystal Pepsi has ALREADY been brought back twice(at minimum, if not more) already in the last few years, so can we finally see Pepsi Blue brought back?”

  13. Strawberry Crème Savers

    “Those things were the sh*t.”

What would you like to see make a come back that doesn’t exist anymore?