13 People Share the Things They Regret Most in Their Lives

aletia via Deposit Photos

We all have regrets. While old people may want to give advice to younger people, even if you haven’t lived a full life yet, you may still have regrets from your younger years. The good thing is, we can all learn from each other.

Take a minute to read some of these things that people most regret in their lives, which came from a recent enlightening Reddit thread—it may even help you move forward with less regrets (and more happy moments).

  1. Wasting Time

    “It’s always about time wasted. The older you are, the more you resent your younger self for messing around.”

  2. Settling

    “Getting married to the wrong person. Now I’m close to 40, no kids, mostly bald. No one wants to take a chance on me. I just spent a weekend hanging out with friends who have 6-10 year olds and I really think I’ve missed out.”

  3. Caring What Other People Think

    “It’s extremely hard to do (as humans are built to care what others think/feel) but extremely important for your happiness. I’ve noticed that this is linked to maturity and self-confidence as well. Younger people tend to have a harder time of this. Go after your own life and your own happiness regardless of what others think.”

  4. Not Taking Care of Your Teeth

    “I’ve spent enough for 2 new cars over the years in root canals, crowns and implants, not to mention all the pain and discomfort prior to affording all of the work. Brush your teeth. Often. Even though it sucks, you should also floss. Every day. Go to your semi-annual cleanings. This can all be avoided very easily.”

  5. Not Learning a Hobby You Always Wanted to Learn

    “I always wanted to play piano and I always figured to buckle down and start learning ‘someday’ but the years kept adding up.”

  6. Complaining About Visiting Grandparents

    “If they were here today I would immediately tell them how much they meant to me.”

  7. Not Seeing a Therapist Sooner

    “I knew that I self-medicated my issues with behavior and addictions but was too immature to face them. Now that I have, my life has such a higher quality. It’s no longer what I do in my life, but the quality of each day and my interactions with others.”

  8. Going After the Money

    “I went after the money doing something I was naturally good at. I avoided the stuff I was interested in because I figured I could become one of the first people in my family with money, like I was given a great gift of intelligence and I should use it sort of thing.”

  9. Choosing the Wrong Education

    “I was told in high school ‘pick a class you like.’ I liked my economics class at the time. If you have kids, please spend some time helping them choose, because asking a high school student to pick what they want to do with their life with no guidance is a terrible idea.”

  10. Not Moving Away from Home

    “Not moving out of my small town of 6,000 people. I got comfortable and put down roots here. Really wish I would have moved somewhere with more opportunities. I was going to join the Coast Guard at the same time as a buddy of mine but I backed out because of a girl (who ended up dumping me a year later) and he joined anyway. He lives all the way across the country in Washington. He’s retired at 40 and works part-time.”

  11. Being More Social

    “I wasn’t necessarily shy, but always felt like I didn’t fit in with everyone else in school except for my one best friend (I went to a small all-girls school), and that one friend and I have drifted apart unfortunately.”

  12. Letting Imperfections Consume You

    “Not every guy is a human tripod and I have zero control over that anyway.”

  13. Not Taking Enough Chances

    “Ask that girl or guy out. Don’t be afraid to fail. Enjoy your health and body when it works perfectly and recovers quickly. Learn to eat right and spend within your means when you’re on a tight budget.”

What advice would you give your younger self?