13 People Admit the Things That They Just Genuinely Do Not Understand

Image of thinking woman pondering over somethingmegdypro4im via Deposit Photos

There are things in life that just make sense: Spaghetti and meatballs. Simple math. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

But then there are things that we simply can’t understand…things that are impossible to figure out. In one recent Reddit thread, someone asked other people what they thought those things were. We agree with so many of these answers, but here are the top ones that made us giggle the most (and nod our heads)!

  1. The Process of Thought

    “How we can make so many decisions in a split second. Internal dialogue is crazy. Does everyone have the same sort of inner thoughts? Do animals have internal dialogue? When I think about it, it blows my mind.”

  2. Bitcoin

    “No matter how it’s explained to me.”

  3. How Computers Work

    “I’m a reasonably tech-savvy person, but I genuinely have no idea about the inner workings of the tools I use for 12 hours every day. It’s like I’m like a professional driver who has no idea how an engine or a turbocharger or brakes work.”

  4. Traffic

    “You sit on the high way driving 3mph thinking, ‘Hmm must be a wreck ahead,’ then you get clear of the traffic and there was never any clear reason or cause for the traffic.”

  5. How Anyone Learns to Read

    “When I try to break it down it just seems so crazy and impossible. ‘See this shape? It sounds like this. Or like this. Or sometimes like this. Actually, sometimes it doesn’t make any sound at all. Got it? Great! Now here’s 25 more of them.”

  6. Electricity

    “I still can’t fully grasp voltage and current and which one matters more in terms of ‘powering’ an electrical device.”

  7. Stickers on Kitchenware

    “I have a colander that has a sticker on the inside on the very bottom. It covers almost all the holes at the bottom. I try to peel it off and it refuses and tears. I try to get it off with water and it still won’t come off. So now I’ve got a colander I can’t really use all because someone thought “hey! Instead of putting this sticker on the outside packaging of this colander, let’s put it smack in the middle of the inside! And let’s make it a really tough sticker that’s water resistant!”

  8. The Internet

    “I don’t understand how internet works. At all. Like how does this tangible object we can make turn into an endless web on a screen where I can see anything and go anywhere?!?!? I’ve tried learning about it. I don’t get it.”

  9. The Phrase “Happy as a Clam”

    “How could you tell if a clam is happy?”

  10. How to Find Netflix Shows to Watch

    “How I spend hours making a perfectly curated list of shows I want to watch on Netflix but when I actually have time to watch them, none of them sound appealing and I end up deleting most of the items off the list I spent hours making.”

  11. How Language Developed

    “Obviously it did but I just can’t fathom how. I just picture cavemen men walking and pointing to things and grunting.”

  12. How to Make Small Talk

    “And how people know when to end the conversation without it dragging on awkwardly.”

  13. Life and the Universe

    “Like where do we go after we die? Why are we here? Thinking about the universe and how big it is and space and time? Black holes? Why are here generally and what’s our purpose? If there are other live forms in different galaxies?”

What thing do you simply not understand?