15 People Share the Dumbest Things That They Believed As Children

mcgphoto via Deposit Photos

It’s funny what children will believe. It’s not that they’re not smart, it’s just that they’re relatively new to the world and how things work. That’s why it’s sometimes pretty easy to get children to believe things that sound really dumb to adults. We’re not just talking about fun things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. We’re talking about lots of random things parents make up to make life temporarily easier for them or for their children.

Sometimes parents make things up so that their children won’t feel sad, like when a pet dies. Other times, parents make things up because they think it’s easier than telling them the truth or they think the lie is somehow more appropriate than the truth. Sometimes it’s not parents or other adults who make up crazy things that kids believe. Sometimes the kids are the ones who make false assumptions about life and then believe things that are far from reality.

One Twitter user asked others to share stories of crazy things they believed when they were kids, and the answers did not disappoint. Scroll down to see some examples of dumb things people believed when they were children.