13 People Share the Things That Looked Fun at First But Turned Out to Be Horrible

People at trampoline park.Flickr via House of Air

Have you ever been really excited to try something new but when you got the opportunity to try it, you were majorly disappointed? This has happened to everyone. Sometimes it’s a new food that looks better than it tastes. Sometimes it’s a thrill ride that’s scarier than we expected.

Reddit user Critical-Lion asked the community, “What’s something that looked fun, but you realized it was horrible once you tried it?”

Obviously, “horrible” is relative and what’s horrible for one person actually is fun for someone else, but we can definitely relate to some of the responses from the Reddit community.

Scroll down for 13 answers to Critical-Lion’s question. Maybe you’ll agree with some of them too. Maybe there will be some things on this list that you’ll decide you don’t need to try after all.

  1. Mechanical Bull

    Reddit user pru13 wrote:

    Riding a mechanical bull at my 33rd birthday party. Felt that for three days after.

  2. Mowing the Lawn

    Written by MyNewPhilosophy:

    Man, did my dad upsell mowing the lawn when I was a kid. He made it a thing my brothers and I aspired to do. We knew when we were old enough and responsible enough to mow the lawn we would officially be “big kids”Turns out it’s way more fun to sit on the sidelines with a popsicle.

  3. Exploring Caves

    Added by silk_mitts_top_titts:

    Exploring caves. It sounded amazing. Then I spent 8 hours knee deep in bat shit and crawling, or more accurately jamming by body through tiny passages face down, in the dark, with all types of vermin crawling on me in a 98°F hole in the ground.

  4. A Cast

    Shared by rizcriz:

    When I was a kid I kept seeing these kids with casts because they broke their arm or their wrist or their ankle, and I was so bummed because I’d never broken a bone.Then third grade came and I broke my wrist in three places and my thumb in two and turns out it f***ing sucks wrapping your arm up like a loaf of bread to take a shower.

  5. Diving

    Reddit user KidGorgeous19 wrote:

    Diving. Joined the team in high school as it looked fun. It was not. Most painful sport I’ve ever participated in.

  6. Weight Loss

    GrampappyJoe learned something:

    After being fat 90% of my life I actually mustered the willpower to get in shape and now I realize all my problems are because of me, not because I was fat.

  7. Braces

    LunarGhoul shared:

    I remember when I was little and my older brother and sister had braces, I wanted them so badly. Turns out braces really suck, and I had them for almost 4 years

  8. Bungee Jumping

    Written by non_clever_username:

    Bungee jumping. Free fall is always awesome, but the second and a half of free fall is not worth the cracking of the whip that’s hard on your body if you do it wrong.

  9. Hot Air Balloon

    ElegantAlfalfa shared an experience:

    Riding in a hot air balloon. I dreamed about it for years, got it as a birthday present… and threw up over the side the whole time. They had to stop the ride early.

  10. Being a Manager

    GoodAndBluts added:

    Working in management

  11. Water Slide

    creativ3evasion added:

    This really tall, intense water slide. I won’t go into detail, but it was not pleasant.

  12. Trampoline

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Jumping on a trampoline as a 235lb adult.

  13. New Year’s Eve Party

    Shehulks1 wrote:

    Hosting a new years party at my house with my extended family.. It seem fun and great at first but after 3 hours into it.. I was not enjoying it and had “party- remorse”.. I kept on telling myself.. Wtf did I get into… Why did I invite all these annoying people… Oh that’s the reason why I don’t talk to my cousin that much… Worst part of it all, my family didn’t leave until 2 days later… Some how my party turned into this 2 day bed and breakfast stay… NEVER AGAIN.. Hell no.