13 People Share the Things That Definitely Do Not Make Others Look ‘Cool’

Image of thoughtful young woman sits on a bench in a park and listens to music or a podcast on a smartphone.ptnphoto via Deposit Photos

Have you ever known someone who thinks he or she is so cool? Ironically, many people who think they are cool do things that are the exact opposite. Someone who is cool probably doesn’t even know it. There’s a certain effortlessness about being cool, and trying to be cool will never get you there.

Reddit user VictorJ45 asked, “What’s something that people think makes them look cool but actually has the opposite effect?” The Reddit community had many examples to share. Scroll down to read some of the best ones. Beware: If you do any of these things, you are probably not cool.

  1. Reading

    Reddit user SenorHielo wrote:

    Bragging about not reading

  2. Never Wrong

    Written by Reddit user ZenBacle:

    Never admitting when you’re wrong. It may seem like a confidence power play, however, most people just don’t care enough about you to say anything or indicate that they noticed. They’ll just slowly drift away from you till one day you’re all alone wondering why no one with any level of competence wants to hang out/work with you.

  3. Voicemail

    BeezlebubCarrotstick shared:

    People listening to their voice messages with many people around.

  4. Putting People Down

    EsquireSquire added:

    One upping and putting other people down to make yourself look good.Rife in white collar jobs. I despise people who do it.

  5. “It’s a Joke”

    StrikeFreedomX2 wrote:

    Hiding being the “it’s just a joke, stop taking it seriously. Why can’t you take a joke” statements.

  6. Blasting Music

    Shared by bsparks73:

    When people play their music loud at the gas pumps.

  7. Bragging

    BinkBonkers added:

    Kids bragging about their parents wealth and success

  8. Revving Engines

    Written by SlerpesWithHerpes:

    I’m not sure if this is just an Australian thing, but people who rev their cars/motorbikes really loud, and it’s usually quite late at night while most people are trying to sleep

  9. Judging People

    fanny_devito added:

    Judging random people and making fun of the less fortune. No you’re not cool… you’re a douche


    BobFred1211 has another example:

    People who come out with life lessons and quotes. They think they are so profound and deep but I think they come off as big headed and stupid.

  11. Cheating

    Written by Alkirawr:

    Having a side chick/girl/guy. Especially in some instagram ‘comedy’ cringe sketches where it’s ‘relatable’ jokes. No, it’s not funny or cool to cheat on your significant other, you’re trash.

  12. I’m So Smart

    Lavonicus shared:

    Bragging about how smart you are to other people.

  13. Babytalk

    Annie_Benlen added:

    Grown women who use baby-talk to other adults in normal conversation. No, you are not cute or cool or whatever the hell you think you are, weirdo.