17 People Share the Things That Never Fail to Cheer Them Up, No Matter What

lunamarina via Deposit Photos

We all get sad sometimes, and let’s face it: It’s not always easy to come out of a funk. Well, except when you do that ONE thing. You know, the thing that never fails to cheer you up—that you rely on when something is really getting you down.

We all have that one happy thing. In a recent Reddit thread, people share the things that never fails to make them happy again. We’re happy just reading about these!

  1. Dogs

    “Because they’re ALWAYS happy to see you.”

  2. A Funny TV Show

    “A good ol’ classic scene from Always Sunny. There are several and it doesn’t particularly matter which one.”

  3. Music

    “Such a cliche but…I listen to Bob Marley’s “three little birds”! I could be so down and hear that song and it makes me so optimistic!”

  4. A Good Friend

    “My roommate. She’s seriously my best friend on the planet, and even when I’m having the worst day, just having a convo with her makes it 1,000x better.”

  5. Food

    “Eat all the things.”

  6. Hitting the Gym

    “Seeing regular faces and burning up angry, sad, overly-excited energy always feels good.”

  7. A Child

    “My 4-year old boy always is so excited to tell me what he did all day when I get home, and it’s always ridiculous and awesome. Instant happy.”

  8. A Pet

    “Looking at pictures of my old guinea pig, Wilbur. It’s about a year since me and my significant other adopted him. I’m just glad that we were able to give him an amazing 6 or 7 months.”

  9. A Cup of Tea

    “Always with lots of sugar.”

  10. Something Silly

    “This is the dumbest thing, but my husband clapping his hands between mine or the other way around. Like facing each other and clapping our hands at the same time. It sounds so stupid, but no matter my mood, if he does that I get a fit of the giggles, no fail.”

  11. A Song

    “Cotton Eye Joe on full blast. No one can be sad with that song playing.”

  12. A Mantra

    “Honestly, I feel better after recalling some Gurren Lagann quotes. It seems silly, but the show has good meaning. Specifically “Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in -insert name- who believes in you!” I always tell my significant other this as well.”

  13. Bananas

    “It’s impossible to be depressed and eat a banana at the same time.”

  14. A Hug Greeting

    “Currently in the golden age where my youngest still runs up and gives me a hug when i get home. I’ll miss that when it stops..”

  15. A Funny Online Video

    “Cat videos, mostly.”

  16. Watching a Movie

    “Tropic Thunder usually improves my mood.”

  17. Thinking About People Falling Down

    “It’s hilarious and never gets old.”

What’s something that always cheers you up, no matter what?