13 People Discuss the Things That Most People Find Unattractive But They Find Attractive

@hollyhopkins_ via Twitter

The saying goes that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” That definitely seems to be true. For example, when it comes to romantic relationships, many people have a “type.” Some people like tall, dark and handsome, while others are drawn to completely different features.

Thankfully, even some features that most people consider unattractive are actually really attractive to other people. Reddit user TheSkyGamezz asked, “What is something that’s usually considered unattractive but YOU find attractive?” The community was quick to add a lot of great examples.

Scroll down to learn what some people find attractive. You might be surprised, or you might find yourself agreeing.

  1. Scars

    Reddit user Luckcrisis wrote:

    Facial scars on women. I had a gf that had a scar on her nose from an auto accident. I always thought it was hot.She had joked if she had been burned I would have asked her to marry her.

  2. “An Adorable Natural Flaw”

    Achylife shared:

    My boyfriend has inset canine teeth, it makes his smile a little goofy, but I think it’s freaking adorable. If someone looks too perfect I’m not into it, I love an adorable natural flaw. Like the human version of a puppy with one ear that flops down and one up.

  3. Big Noses

    Nurglesdoorman added:

    It was never a conscious thing, but looking back at women I’ve dated or had a crush on… It can’t be denied. I like big noses and I cannot lie.

  4. Bushy Eyebrows

    Asention wrote:

    My girlfriend is half dutch half spanish, and she has dark natural “bushy” eyebrows. Every time I look at them I melt. That in combination with her hazel eyes. Good god.

  5. Hooked Noses

    doeyeminty explained:

    “Hooked” noses. I have a very round potato nose myself and i cannot for the life of me understand how people find the stereotypical middle eastern nose ugly, it always looks so elegant and pretty

  6. “Unruly Hair”

    openletter8 added:

    Unruly hair, extra points if she’s curly haired too.I fully know the difference between curly hair that’s made to look messy and curly hair that is actually messy. Both are awesome.

  7. Women with Short Fingernails

    DarkGarfield shared:

    Dont know if it really is considered unattractive or not but i like girls with short nails. Long nails creep the hell out of me. The fake ones are even worse.

  8. Shy Guys

    Lala_2088 wrote:

    Shyness. Shy guys are the best most sweet souls on the planet.

  9. Going Grey

    honestlylorelai added:

    Grey hair on a man is sexy as hell.

  10. Pale Skin

    IndyFan1 explained:

    Naturally untanned skin. I know that many people like this, but it is also very common to make derogatory jokes about it and many women have told me they go tanning because of this. Nothing wrong with any skin tone – light or dark – but my weakness is a brunette with pale skin!

  11. Arm Hair

    Reddit user Copperstoner had several examples:

    Visible hair on the arms of a womenConfident women who are not afraid to stand up for their opinion (we will clash eventually, but thats okay) Small boobs and tomboyish bodies

  12. Nerdy Girls

    Nafeels shared:

    Stereotypical nerdy girls. Glasses, braces, slightly acne-ridden face, introvert, super smart, and weird pitch in voice. Bonus if it’s everything in one package.

  13. Stretch Marks

    james_true added:

    Stretch marks. Found out that people are insecure about them, I really had no idea. I have stretch marks and find bodies who do really interesting looking. Interesting is the key.