13 People Reveal the Things They Think Others Tend to Learn Too Late

Image of senior woman drinking tea at homemichaeljung via Deposit Photos

Wouldn’t it be great to have the answers to life’s burning questions? You know, like what things truly make us truly happy in life?

Luckily, there are people who’ve lived before us and can give some good advice. IN a recent Reddit thread, people shared the things that they think others tend to learn too late. Keep these amazing tips in your back pocket!

  1. Telling the Truth Doesn’t Have to be Mean

    “Being honest doesn’t mean you have to be brutally honest. You can tell someone the truth without being a monster about it.”

  2. How to Be On Time

    “I hate when people are late for controllable or BS reasons. Legitimate conversation I had: ‘Hey, we’re still gonna meet at [Insert Location] at [Insert time], right?’ ‘Yeah, sounds good.’ Go to location 10 mins early and wait…and wait…and wait. ‘Hey, sorry I’m late, I had to find the right shoes!’ ‘You’re 30 mins late, and we’re going bowling.’

  3. Apologizing Goes Both Ways

    “Learning how to apologize when it’s your fault, and how to not apologize when it’s not your fault.”

  4. Take Care of Your Teeth

    “I learned this too late. I was taught to just brush once before bed, and I was pretty lazy about doing even that much. It’s been a costly. But on the plus side, I have two gold teeth.”

  5. You Can Choose Your Reactions

    “I thought I was entitled to flip out every time something did not go my way.”

  6. Driving is Dangerous

    “Every time you get behind the steering wheel make sure you think about I am aware that a car is a weapon. That’s why I use it carefully and responsibly.”

  7. Spend More Time With Family

    “A minister once told my church that whenever he would go to the bedside of a dying person, he would never hear the words ‘oh, how I wish that I worked more.’ But that it was usually ‘oh, how I wish I had spent more time doing this, or with my family.’”

  8. Attraction Either Is or Isn’t There

    “If someone isn’t attracted to you or says ‘there is no chemistry,’ it isn’t personal. You didn’t do anything wrong, you couldn’t have changed anything. You may be a perfect match for the next one.”

  9. Friends Are Relative to Where You Are in Your Life

    “Most friends only stay for a period of time — usually in reference to your current interest. At school you’d have different friends, after graduation you will make plans for a get together but they rarely go through. At University you’ll have different friends. At work you’ll have different friends. But when you move on, or your priorities change, so do the majority of your friends. So don’t be afraid of losing friends, it’s a vital part of your life.”

  10. Being a Jerk Isn’t Cool

    “I wish I’d realized this earlier. I just treated others the way I was treated by my family. Never occurred to me that I was being an a**hole.”

  11. Life is a Continuing Education

    “You won’t learn everything you need in one sitting.”

  12. And Life Isn’t Forever

    “If you want something, make an effort. Eventually you will be TOO old to do anything.”

  13. No One Knows Anything

    “That we are all clueless and no-one really knows it all so let’s just breath and stop panicking about other peoples’ opinions of us.”

Do you have any pieces of advice you’d like to add?