13 People Share the Things They Have Zero Sympathy For

Photo of stressed mom and kids.kalinovsky via Deposit Photos

When we see something unfortunate happen to someone, we usually feel sympathy for the person, but not every situation deserves sympathy. Sometimes it seems that karma comes into play. Consequences are real, and sympathy isn’t always required.

Reddit user xii_G0BeASt_-M0dEx asked, “What do you have ZERO sympathy for?” The Reddit community came up with a lot of great examples of times they feel absolutely no sympathy at all. Scroll down to see if you agree; do these situations deserve sympathy or not?

  1. Your Car’s Being Towed

    Reddit user Turhamkey wrote:

    People who get towed when they leave their car running in the fire lane in front of supermarkets.

  2. Always the Victim

    BreakerNewWaves added:

    People who act like the victim with everything, after dating one for a while it finally hits you how cancerous it is, it weighed on my mental health and I almost went to a psyche ward, her ghosting me was the best thing to ever happen to me last year.

  3. Life Is Hard with Kids

    grammarchick shared:

    People who won’t stop having kids even though all you hear from them is griping about how they have no money or a life of their own or they’re tired all the time or they say stuff like “but this is so haaaaard”.

  4. Trash

    Magarr added:

    People who throw their trash away, NEXT to the trash bin.

  5. Lonely

    not_a_mutant explained:

    People who treat everybody like garbage then complain about being lonely. Like, I’m not getting paid to be here.

  6. Where’s My Drink?

    nkw1004 wrote:

    People who yell or snap at bartenders and then have to wait longer to get their drink

  7. “No”

    garbagebucket shared:

    I have zero sympathy for a parent that never says no to their child.

  8. Manipulators

    AlphaSunday explained:

    Manipulators. As soon as I see you trying to bend someone’s actions/emotions towards your gain, we don’t need to associate anymore.

  9. Reckless Drivers

    AmumPharaoh shared:

    When I see someone driving like a total nobhead, cutting everyone off, causing near-crashes all down the road, and then I pass them later on pulled over by a cop.

  10. The Customer Isn’t Always Right

    harper291 explained:

    People who treat waiters/waitresses poorly

  11. Not Using Turn Signals

    raydar18 wrote:

    People who do not use their blinker while driving. Why? You’re too lazy to move your hand for a second? You expect everyone else on the road to read your mind?

  12. Betrayal

    Poplo1232 added:

    Betrayal. If you backstab me all my faith and trust is gone, and good luck getting it back.

  13. Not Listening

    Another Reddit user added:

    People who hold strong opinions (generally incorrect ones) without any evidence or reasoning, and refuse to listen to logic, or at least hear other people’s points of view.