15 People Reveal the Things They Hate That Everyone Else in the World Seems to Love

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Have you ever felt like you’re weird because everyone seems to like something but you don’t like that particular thing? Maybe it’s a popular food. Maybe it’s an activity. Maybe it’s a movie. Whatever it is, it seems that the whole universe has decided that this is awesome, but you just can’t understand the appeal.

Reddit user harlsey knows what we’re talking about and posed this question to the Reddit community, “What is something you hate that is universally loved?”

The answers are amusing because, honestly, we love a lot of the things on this list, but some of these things, yeah, we don’t get the appeal either. Scroll down to see see 15 examples of popular things that some people really don’t like. You just might realize that those popular things you dislike aren’t liked by everyone after all.

  1. What Would You Like on Your Burger?

    Reddit user Fly_Boy_1999 shared:

    Having everything on a burger. It just creates a big mess whenever I bite into it and I hate it.

  2. Summer

    Geometridae106 wrote:

    Summer / hot weather!I’m admittedly such a miser during summer, I’d happily skip straight to Autumn (best season). The only thing I enjoy about summer are intense thunderstorms! It seems like most people feel more depressed in Autumn/Winter, but I’m the opposite, Summer makes me feel worse for some reason. Everyone talks about how they can’t wait to get away on holiday to really hot countries so they can lay in the sun and tan. That just sounds like my worst nightmare!

  3. Some Fabric Is Too Soft

    Written by BouRNsinging:

    Super soft microfleece/minke fabrics. Gaaah it gives me the shivers. This time of year those blankets are everywhere, I feel compelled to touch the blanket then nearly gag from how soft it is. Why does my brain get stuck in that loop? Once I know that it’s that specific softness I can’t even look at it without cringing.

  4. Reality TV

    Shared by GayParaceratherium:

    Reality TV. Everyone I know tells me they watch it to relax but it just stresses me out! Everyone is so upset with each other all the time, what’s relaxing about that?

  5. Celery

    Added by Zumaduma:

    Celery, it tastes like watered down mediocrity

  6. Bacon

    Written by takethatwizardglick:

    bacon. sometimes I tell people that I grew up orthodox Jew because they accept that fairly easily. the real reason is when I was a kid I accidentally ate some bad bacon and it made me so sick I still can’t stand the smell/taste, my brain just says “this will make you puke for three days.”

  7. Celebrities

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    Literally worshipping celebrities like gods. It’s just creepy to me I don’t get it. I get if u do something super amazing, but being the 7th richest person on earth isnt that important, and a bit sketchy.

  8. Mushrooms

    Added by notbuckyb:

    Mushrooms. The taste, the smell, the rubberness texture of it just doesn’t sit right with me.

  9. Musicals

    Shared by whatevsIDGAF:

    Musicals. I just don’t care for them. Yes that included all the old Disney movies that everyone obsesses over.

  10. Babies

    Sounds like Hotlikessauce69 doesn’t want to be a parent any time soon:

    Babies. I hate babies. They are annoying, loud, and always have something gross coming out of them. I never want to have one in my house.

  11. Dogs at Restaurants

    Caveman_ATX wrote:

    Dogs at restaurants. I get it, you love your animal; but there is something inherently weird and unhygienic about bringing your animal to a restaurant.

  12. Getting Drunk

    DarkMatterDreams shared:

    Going out and drinking.I’ve never been to a club and have never been drunk. I’ve had people wondering what the hell I do when I meet up with friends. There’s more you can do together than drinking and clubbing…

  13. Christmas Music

    EidolonMom wrote:

    Christmas music annoys me to no end.

  14. Pro Sports

    Nihiliste shared:

    Pro sports. They’re such a waste of our collective time, attention, and money, especially since taxpayers have helped foot the bill for private stadiums.On top of everything, they seem to train people in irrational loyalty to players, teams, and (in the US) the military. The teams are just businesses, the players are typically mercenaries who switch teams the moment they get offered a higher salary (and I don’t blame them!). There’s nothing inherently wrong with sports, but we’d be better off if people focused on playing them at an amateur level and not caring beyond friends and family.

  15. Salt Water

    Myrdden86 added:

    Salt water. Everyone loves going to the beach, but I’ll take a freshwater spring or a river over the beach any day.