15 People Share the Most Embarrassing Times When They Got Busted

Have you ever done something you know that you shouldn’t do or you know that someone else wouldn’t want you to do and then they find out? Busted! 

Many people have had an experience like this, and Jimmy Fallon had the awesome idea to find out about these embarrassing situations with his new hashtag challenge. Fallon asked his Twitter followers to tweet out their funniest, most embarrassing stories about getting busted and tag it with #IGotBusted.

While there are many great responses to Fallon’s challenge, only so many of them can make it on his show. That’s why we’re sharing even more of these funny stories right here. Scroll down for 15 of the best responses to Fallon’s #IGotBusted hashtag challenge, and we’re starting with Fallon’s own response to his challenge.

  1. Hiking Boots

  2. “Was That You?”

  3. Busted on Zoom

  4. The British Accent Gave It Away

  5. They Thought He Was a Robber

  6. Cigarettes

  7. He Wasn’t Wearing Denim

  8. Got Blamed for Everything

  9. Stole a Chocolate Bar

  10. An Uncomfortable Mattress

  11. Didn’t Know He Spoke That Language

  12. Had to Take a Picture

  13. Doorbell

  14. Kissing the Doorframe

  15. Sneaking in Snacks