These Mesh ‘Bug Pants’ Can Help Keep the Mosquitoes Away This Summer

Mosquitos are the worst part about summer. Maybe you don’t agree, but if you do, you know how we feel. We love the sun. We love the summer activities. We love the long days. We don’t love getting eaten alive by bugs we don’t even see until it’s too late.

If you’re allergic to mosquitos you have probably suffered from itchy welts caused by mosquitos. While there are many ways to try to prevent these bites they don’t always work. Have you ever sprayed yourself with mosquito spray only to discover later that you missed a spot? How do you know? Because that’s where the mosquitos bit you. In our case it was the bottom of our feet while wearing flip flops. Ugh.

Perhaps you feel that your only solution is to run inside to safety when mosquitos might be around. Perhaps you have resorted to wearing jeans and long-sleeve shirts on hot summer days, feeling sweaty and uncomfortable but choosing that over bug bites. We feel you, and we’ve found an alternative.

On Amazon, Coghlan is selling mesh pants that they are calling “bug pants.” The pants are see through and made out of a very fine mesh material that keeps bugs out while allowing air flow so you won’t get sweaty like when wearing jeans on a hot day. The pants are designed to easily slip right over a pair of shorts (not included).

The bug pants come in multiple sizes, and they are made to be loose. In order to work probably, you want them to be baggy and not cling to your skin so bugs can’t bite you through them.

For just $16.57 you can get a size medium which fits anyone up to 200 pounds. If you’re a Prime member, they’ll be delivered with one-day shipping.

These pants are getting rave reviews with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. One comment reads, “2 days ago (after suffering at least 10 bites on my arms & legs), I had enough!! did my research on ways to keep these odious pests off of me & came upon Coghlan’s whole outfit. Based on reviews, I was sold!This is my first review ever… was compelled to leave one after spending this afternoon in my garden (wearing these & the Coghlan’s shirt). I saw at least 3 mosquitos fly up to my face & then fly AWAY!!!!! (Didn’t see any bugs 2 days ago when I got eaten alive….)after I finished my garden work, I had to leave a review ASAP.”

Another happy customer wrote, “HUGE Skin saver! Mosquito’s love me, and I’ve been wearing these all spring while working in the yard. We’ve had some nasty swarms of mosquito’s this year & I’ve remained bite free.”

The one drawback to the pants is that if they get too close to your skin, you might still suffer from a few mosquito bites. One customer explained, “When you sit, they are in close contact with the knees, so mosquitoes get right through.”

Read more reviews and order a pair of “bug pants” at Amazon here.

While these pants may not be the most stylish, for the price and the thought of skipping the DEET while gardening or hiking, we think they’re worth trying. Are you going to try out these pants? What do you usually do to prevent mosquito bites?